Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brewers Fooling Us With the Sweep

I used to have a pretty insane crush on a young woman, even though she had no sexual interest in me. We would hang out all the time and while I was pining for her love, she was just enjoying our friendship. Every now and then she would throw me a bone - a glance, something she said, a sensual touch - and she would lead me to believe that a relationship may one day be the outcome after all that I had invested. But alas, that never materialized, for she was a dicktease. And such are the Milwaukee Brewers.

Just three days ago the Giants had embarrassed the Brewers in what has to be the worst four game series we've ever had at home in the history of the franchise, but now here we are once again feeling good about this Brewers team. Why? Because they swept the Pirates? Who cares, the Pirates are about as awful as we are. But the Brewers have won these games in a fascinating manner, with walk-offs especially, and that has us believing that this team may have begun to figure it out after all. You know, kind of just like the time after myself and the aforementioned girl shared "a moment" only to find her the next morning in bed with one of my friends.

All unresolved bitterness issues of mine aside, I am not going to allow myself to get caught back up into the notion that the Brewers still have a potential playoff run in them. For the last two months it seems like it's been the same pattern. The Brewers lose a few games and it's time to sell, the Brewers win a few games and we start to believe. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, and I'm not going to let myself drive myself crazy thinking that this team has the ability to do anything more than what they've been doing right now.

I'm hearing the whispers already - "IF the Brewers come back from the break and start out hot....", "IF we can just get clicking on all cylinders...", "IF we live up to our full potential...". We've been saying things like this all season though, and I'm afraid that time is running out. Mark Attanasio says that selling is still not necessary, but that would mean we'd have to put ourselves back in contention in the next four series. It's not exactly the toughest road, as we're at Atlanta, at Pittsburgh, and then home against Washington and Cincinnati, but realistically we'd have to go at least 9-5 in these next fourteen games, and that's being generous. That doesn't sound too daunting, but we have been down this road before and this time I'm just not buying into it.

This team does have the makings of a winner, and I don't think we need to sell the farm. But this team is not going to be a winner this season, and the sooner we realize that the better.

POTG - Ryan Braun

POTG - Corey Hart

That all being said, lots to look forward to in the next couple of days if you're a Brewers fan. Corey Hart will try to carry over his home run momentum from Sunday when he participates in the Derby on Monday, and then he and Braun will both start in the outfield for the National League on Tuesday night. I love the All-Star game way more than I should, so that is one baseball game I am looking forward to this season at least.


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