Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bucks 0-2 in Summer League

Milwaukee Bucks draft pick Larry Sanders looked very good in his second summer league game, and that is really what you'd like to take out of these contests. In both games he was all over the court on the defensive end, but Tuesday night he was tops in the scoring department as well. Sanders finished the game with 22 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 blocks. He also made a three pointer with .7 seconds left to tie the game. The only problem is Demarcus Nelson fell down when the Grizzles were executing their inbounds pass, and that allowed Sam Young a wide open three for the win. Really if it was a game that mattered they would have seen that Young didn't actually get the shot off in time, but it is the summer league so no one really cared.

Tiny Gallon also had a nice game for the Bucks, as he finished with eight points and 11 rebounds. He also had a nice jumper as he made a three, but his foot was on the line. I was surprised to see how nice of a stroke he had. Talking about nice strokes, Deron Washington has a nice one himself. He was on fire from downtown Tuesday night, as he hit 5-7 of his tray balls. The guys announcing the game compared him to a Jared Dudley type guy, a guy that can come off the bench to hit open jumpers.

I don't see any room for this guy on the roster, but maybe he could hang around the D-league to be a Buck someday. Overall a few guys really stood out, but one guy that just looked awful was DeMarcus Nelson. He forced up shots, couldn't make an inbound late, and left Sam Young open at the end of the game. So if he keeps playing like that we can cut his ass any day now.

The Bucks will play the Hawks at 7:30 central time on Thursday. I hope it is on ESPN 360 again, or else will have box scores for you.


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