Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bucks Strike First

I swear every trade deadline this guys name is in the mix with the Bucks. No longer though will we be hearing rumors about getting Drew Gooden as he's now going to be a part of this Bucks team, as Milwaukee is the first team to make a move in the 2010 free agency period. This signing would make a good case that Kurt Thomas is gone, and this improves an already good front line for the Bucks. Seems like all Milwaukee needs now is a backup point guard. Yahoo sports was the first to report the 5 year 32 million dollar signing. - Gweeds

Even though Sportscenter is making fun of the signing because he's not one of the big catches (which I'm watching only because Charter won't let my MLB Network work), Gooden is a nice signing for the Bucks. It looks like too that the Bucks will actually bring John Salmons back after all, even though all the signs pointed to him leaving elsewhere. The rumors are that a 5-year, $39 million deal is on the table, which would definitely make it unlikely that Luke Ridnour would return. But that would leave Milwaukee with a starting five of Jennings, Salmons, Delfino, Gooden, and Bogut, with Mbah a Moute, Maggette, Ilyasova, and Sanders coming off the bench. Love it. - Winks (also, I'm going to start proofreading my articles better, starting... now.)


rory said...

I hate both of these moves: to me, they're akin to the horrible Gordon and Villanueva signings the Pistons made last year.

Overpaying mediocre players is what put the Bucks in an unenviable situation to begin with. I thought this was a philosophy Hammond was trying to avoid.

Guess not.

rory said...

I just learned that both deals apparently have team options for the 4th and 5th year, essentially making both deals of the three year variety.

I can live with that.

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