Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cleveland Sucks

With what this guy is wearing I can't say that he didn't bring this on himself, but for him to not be able to finish watching the Indians game he was at is just bullshit. Sorry for my choice of words, but come on people get over it. This fan was heckled, escorted from the game, and then followed by fans while being escorted out. Yeah the fan was being a loser himself, but you'll have one of those in every crowd. That doesn't mean he needs to be followed out of the building after he's already been kicked out of the game.

Cleveland, you need to realize that you had a guy that was fun to watch, one who put your team in a good position every season. He is gone now, so don't be mad at fans that wear his jersey. James hasn't played a game yet for the Heat, who knows if this is even going to work out for them. To relate to the whole LeBron to Miami scenario, I guess if someone is wearing a Brett Favre Vikings jersey, I wouldn't feel compelled to run them out of Lambeau Field. I would just feel bad for them.

This whole act of people out dumbassing each other doesn't surprise me out of the fans of the Cleve. We went to the Cleveland Browns game last year, and with the Browns just being awful all they had against us was saying "Brett Favre." The comment didn't make sense what so ever, because we waxed them like every other team did last season. We happened to sit by a couple fans that understood that they sucked, and they were cool. But for the most part about 90% of the Browns fans only went to the game to cock off to us about not having Favre anymore. The only problem is we didn't want that idiot. He pulls this "I don't know what I want to do" crap every season, and it was getting old. He throws interceptions in NFC championships games like he gets paid to do it. Why would we not want a new quarterback?

We're not only weeks removed from LeBron taking his talents to South Beach, but we're also weeks removed from Cavs owner Dan Gilbert ripping the hell out of LeBron, and about how he doesn't try all the time. My question is, if Cleveland is going to be in agreement with Gilbert's words, then why are people so mad he left? Be happy that you now know all your players will be trying hard, since you have guys like Mo Williams, and Antawn Jamison. Oh.... wait.

Maybe I don't agree with what happened at the Indians game the other night, but maybe the city does need to blow off a little steam. The Indians had an awesome baseball team in 2007, but traded everyone away. The Browns are putting their faith this year in Jake Delhomme, and the Cavaliers are at best a 25-win squad. If you look at the facts here Cleve, the only people to blame for your city's sports being awful is the owners of the teams. They just bring in players that have upside, but don't have any character. I guess that fits in quite well with your city, because your city has no character either.

As hard as it is to watch Wisconsin sports at times, we need to be glad we have them, and the fans we have here. One of these days maybe the Sports Gods will bless us with a championship of some sort, because of all the hard work our fans put in for us to be a great state to attend sporting events within. The same gods that hopefully keep Cleveland in the eternal hell that they are in for years to come.


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