Monday, July 26, 2010

Crew Makes it Five in a Row

File this one under the "Too Little, Too Late" category. After struggling throughout the first half of the season, the Brewers seem to be finally putting things together as they are now on a five game winning streak, including Monday night's 3-2 victory over the Reds. Another win puts the Brewers at just five games under .500, something that seemed impossible during pretty much any point this season. All year long the Brewers have won some and loss some, but mainly they've been hovering around ten games under. Now, just days away from the trade deadline, is when they finally decide to make a move? Nice guys.

In the game on Monday night, the scoring was few and far between, but the Brewers did make the most of the long ball. Rickie Weeks hit a two-run bomb in the third, and then Jim Edmonds hit the game winner in the eighth inning. Milwaukee only had three hits total, but they definitely made them count for runs. The only hit that wasn't a home run came off the bat of Randall Christopher Wolf, and he was plated thanks to Weeks. Wolf actually didn't pitch shitty on this night for a change, going seven innings, allowing just two runs and striking out five. On a night where POTG candidates are few and far between, Wolf will get the nod.

I almost want to hold off any judgement about the future of this team before the trade deadline passes, because I have no idea what the Brewers would do in this situation. Hell, I have no idea what I would do. I think that because ultimately we just don't have a quality pitching staff at all, I would start thinking about building a contender for next season. That means that if I were Doug Melvin I think I would hang on to Corey Hart, trade Prince if I got real nice value for him, but definitely try to ship out guys like Jim Edmonds and Trevor Hoffman to see if I could get anything to help us for next season. I'd still hope to stay competitive this season, but my ultimate goal would be to put together a contender for 2011.

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