Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deadline Appears to Be Passing By

Roy Oswalt, Miguel Tejada, Matt Capps, and Jorge Cantu were all on the move on Thursday, and so far nobody has been shipped out of Brew City. It's looking like even as we get closer to the trade deadline that will remain the case, as the reports out of MLB front offices say that the Brewers have pulled Prince Fielder and Corey Hart off the trading block.

The fact that neither Hart or Fielder will likely be moved doesn't really surprise me, as all along we've known that neither was going to leave unless the price was right. Granted, things could still change before Saturday but I think that if any Brewers are going to be leaving at this point it's going to be minor role players. Guys like Jim Edmonds, Todd Coffey, and even Carlos Villanueva (currently down in Nashville) will be the likely candidates to be moved, not so much our more attractive trading options.

In the long run, I think that the rest of the season will be the Prince Fielder farewell tour in Milwaukee, as I all but expect him to be traded at the Winter Meetings. Corey Hart is a guy that has been vocal about his desire to stay in Milwaukee, and I don't think he'll be leaving Brew City anytime soon. In the meantime, enjoy some mediocre baseball for the rest of the season. It will be over soon though, as Packers training camp is just a few days away.

Speaking of, here's what you missed from the shareholders meeting today. This would be it's own separate post except for the fact that I'm locked into Big Brother After Dark pretty hard right now.

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