Saturday, July 10, 2010

Diary of a Brewers Win

Gweeds here filling in for Winks on this Brewer post, so I thought I would change it up a bit. I'm going to do a reenactment of how the night went for myself amidst this actually exciting Brewers win, a celebration of a victory was turned out to be mostly people mocking the Brewers.


The game starts, and since the Brewers haven't been much to watch this season we decide to go get some food.


We find a table to eat at a local bar and grill in Fond du Lac. This place used to be a cool place to hang out, but when Fond du Lac passed the smoking ban this particular bar was outside the city limits. So people could still smoke there, and it just made it harder to go there. So since July 5th Wisconsin passed the law, and we now had good reason to go back again. The one problem I have with this place is lack of TV's, so from where we were sitting all we could see was ESPN's bottom line.


ESPN bottom line tells me that the Brewers are winning 2-0. They don't say how the Brewers scored so Winks looks it up on his phone. Winks tells our friend Bear that Corey Hart hit a 2-run home run (remember Fred Slacks Fantasy Stats? Remember the Real World / Road Rules Challenge recaps? That's Bear.) Winks singled out telling Bear this particular stat because he traded him to Bear in fantasy a while fact, a move I'm sure he's bitched about on here plenty. Since that trade Hart has been on fire, but for some reason Winks is moving up the standings and Fred is moving down the standings in our league. Regardless, things are looking good for the Crew.


Bottom Line update right before we head out to go to Winks parents house (where he surprisingly does not live anymore... yet), and the game is tied up 2-2. McCutchen had an RBI single, and Milledge hit a solo homerun. Giving up a homerun to Milledge is like a kick to the nuts, because this guy was supposed to be so great. He has been far from great, and has been bounced around more then Cliff Lee has been in the last couple of years, but not in the good way.


After we check out Winks parents' new house, and he owns me in a game of ping pong. We sit down to check out AT&T U-Verse for The Soundtrack Channel, a channel I know Winks has claimed to love in the past as well. Apparently, U-Verse no longer carries that channel, and I swear I thought Winks cry a little. Instead we flipped on the Brewer game only to see them down 4-2, and then turned it off for the movie Miracle. That lasted only for about two minutes, Winks turned it off because he knew how it ended (Winks edit: ???) For those who don't know it ended, the 1980 USA hockey team beat Russia in the Olympics. It just seemed like one of those nights where the Brewers were going to take a back seat for the night.


At this point, we decided to go to the same bar we go to every single night in the metropolitan are of Fond du Lac. When we walked in the place had about ten people in it, so you figured it was just going to be another night at JR's. We sit down right at the bar, and the Brewer game was on. Not more than five minutes after being there it seemed that Milledge hit a RBI single to make it 5-2. Since we had just got there I wasn't paying much attention, but after the Pirates put five up on the board they the run away. I'm still not sure why that happened, but it would become huge for the Brewers.


Some guys in their upper 40's were in Fond du Lac for some sort of their reunion weekend, and we found out it was their 30th anniversary of graduating high school, so that is cool that they still hang out. I guess they planed a weekend to go golfing, but to me it just seemed that all they did was suck down booze. So they started making fun of the Brewers, and Prince Fielder came to bat to smoke one out of the park to make it 4-3. As he is running around the bases one of them yelled out how Prince loves to hit solo shots. I can't argue with him at all. Fielder is the king of the solo homerun.


The Crew have one last chance to tie or win this game in the bottom of the ninth. McGehee hit a slow roller to third, which was kind of like Willie "Mays" Hayes first hit on Major League. So the older guys keep yelling "Mays Hayes would have beat that out." I didn't realize how slow McGehee is until that play. So with one out, and the Crew still need a run. One of the older guys started saying he'd bet anyone five bucks the Brewers get beat. I'm not sure where the confidence came from, but four of his buddies told him he was on.


Carlos Gomez was up and he laid down an awesome bunt single. The guys that took the Brewers in the bet acted like we had just won the Division Title. So with Gomez on first you have to know Dotel had to keep an eye on him. He would steal second, and the throw came in high so Gomez advanced to third. Now the four guys were going nuts like we were about to win game one of the NLDS. Next up was George Kottaras, although the drunk was wondering if "that Escalade guy?" was at the plate. I don't know why I found that so funny, but at the time it was. Does this guy really watch the Brewers and know his name is Escobar, or this that what being drunk in your 40's is like? I don't know. On the fourth pitch Kottaras smoked on down the line for a triple, and the game was tied at four with a guy on third, and one out.


One out, guy on third, and there was no way the Brewers cant screw this on up, can they? Then again it is the Brewers. Dotel threw a pitch in the dirt, so Kottaras headed for home. The only problem is he didn't react right away, and he isn't the fastest guy in the world, so he was thrown out at home easily. After that our friend Escalade struck out swinging to end the ninth.


At this time a few more of our friends showed up, one being Winks (he had stayed back at the folks ranch for some family time). Our new friends to the bar were just getting a small taste of how these older guys were acting. Then my boy John Axford came in in the top of the 10th to pitch. After a lead off single he would settle down to get a ground out, and two strike outs to end the inning. After those two strikeouts the group of older friends were now acting like this was game seven of the NLCS. They were banging their hands on the bar, and starting "Lets Go Brewers!" chants in a bar with about 15-20 people.


Jim Edmonds would lead off the bottom of the 10th with a single. Not sure why, but Macha decided to put Dave Bush in as a pinch runner. You can't tell me that Edmonds is that much slower than Bush, and also you are putting Bush at risk of getting hurt. As you can imagine the older guys couldn't believe that Bush came in. The guy yelled some stuff at the TV, but it didn't really matter sas Weeks would ground into a fielders choice. So Bush would be out at second, and he would not make an impact either way. Since Weeks failed to make a play at the bat he would make a play with his feet. He would steal second to be in scoring position with one out. The Pirates would walk Prince to get to Braun, who has been awful these past few weeks. Not only were the older guys like "Oh shit, Braun is up", but my guess is everyone in the bar felt this way at that time.

The problem with watching a game at the bar is they have so many TV's with different stations on them. One TV had MLB Network on, and they did a live look in on the Brewers game. It also just so happened to be faster then FSN, so I was watching the faster TV then come back to the other TV to see the replay. As Braun's ball landed just out of the reach of the fielders glove I quickly turned around to yell game over. The older guys who by this time are cheering like it is a world series game were like, what? They then all saw Braun smack a ball just over the head of the right fielder to score Weeks for the walkoff win. The guy that bet his other friends got out a twenty to ask the bar tender for change to pay up, and the guys that won made this Brewers win sound like the best win ever.


After all this, all I could think to myself was is this really where the Brewers are at right now? They are at the point where a bar full of 20 people mock cheer for them. They are in sell mode from what I can see. It took them 10 innings to beat the Pirates. Winks put it in words best earlier in the night when he reminded me about how excited we were five years ago for these seasons. It seems like we have the players, but we are missing one piece, which I feel is a manager without any emotion.

It was just a crazy night that started out seeming like I wouldn't watch an out of the game, and then turned into "Lets go Brewers!" chants, and then a walk off win. Not sure how to react to that, but I guess the only good thing is the Brewers can't get swept by the Pirates at home. Things I learned from watching the game - 1) Gomez needs to play everyday to create things on the base path. 2) Macha needs to put Braun back in the three hole were he likes to hit. 3) Macha actually needs to go, and Randolph needs to step in.

I guess we'll go with Ryan Braun as the player of the game for the walk off hit. In a game like this about four different people could get it for what they did. Braun did make the play to end the game, so lets just stick with him.

Stat of the night is that John Axford has four wins on the season, all of which are with walk off hits. So if you see Axford pitching a tie ball game in the 9th or later there's a good chance the Brewers win via walk off. Also a nice stat if you have him on your fantasy team. Sorry for the long post that my guess by the time you got half way you checked your Facebook profile. Winks should be back for a Saturday recap of the Crew.


Anonymous said...

That post was almost unreadable. Jesus...

Winks said...

If that's true, then it's just par for the course on this site!

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