Monday, July 12, 2010

Dominican Dominance Eliminates Hart in Derby

He stole the show in the first round of the 2010 Home Run Derby, but was nowhere to be found in the second, but Corey Hart will still take a solid third place in the contest. Granted, that means nothing. Hopefully for Brewers fans thought, this Derby won't prove to be a microcosm of Hart's season (a hot home run hitter in the first half/round, cold as ice in the second).

Hart cruised to the lead in the first round with 13 home runs, far above anyone that was chasing him, especially Arizona's Chris Young (he started the festivities off with just one shot). But after the opening round he had to wait nearly 90 minutes before he was to bat again, as going last was to be his "reward". It makes sense why the guy leading the competition would go last in the second round, but the time in between at-bats is quite a long time to overcome especially when you're trying to maintain consistency. That's ultimately what ended Corey Hart's run tonight, although it was an impressive showing that he should be proud of.

In the end, the Dominican firepower of David Ortiz and Hanley Ramirez was just too strong, as the two ripped off homers in the second round to leapfrog Hart and make it into the finals. From there, David Ortiz made the final round his bitch and took home his first Home Run Derby title in four tries, ending up with 32 home runs.

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Daniel C said...

Ominous foretelling of Hart's second half collapse? I think so.


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