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Gweeds' Fantasy Draft: Rounds 3, 4

Earlier this week I started my mock draft series regarding this year's fantasy football season, because let's face it, this site needed something relevant as Winks appears to be taking one of his off weeks right now. You can check out the first two rounds here before you check out rounds three and four.

Round 3, Pick 25

Calvin Johnson, WR, Lions. He has a chance at anytime to make a big play for a touchdown, but he is also a bit injury prone. That can cost him games and cost you points, especially because he seems to be listed as questionable week in and week out. The pros for picking him is that the Lions could be a sleeper team this year that puts up a lot of points, and if they do Johnson will have a lot to do with that

Round 3, Pick 26

Beanie Wells, RB, Cardinals. Kurt Warner is gone, so this team might be a little more of a run first team. They also lost Boldin in the passing game, so Wells might get some carries inside the 5 that last year would have been passing plays. Tim Hightower seemed to have lost his playing time more and more as the season went on, which are all signs pointing to Wells having a huge year.

Round 3, Pick 27

Brandon Marshall, WR, Dolphins. Dude caught 21 balls in one game last season, so maybe I could have put him higher. He had over 100 catches on the season despite missing two games. Since I am basing these picks off of a points per reception league he could get some looks higher, but I like him early third round.

Round 3, Pick 28

Sidney Rice, WR, Vikings. With or without number 4 this could be a good pick this season. He just has the body to put up huge numbers every game. He has great hands, and will be a huge play maker for the Vikings in the red zone.

Round 3, Pick 29

Shonn Greene, RB, Jets. With Thomas Jones no longer with the Jets, Greene should have a huge year. I know the Jets got LT, but as we all saw last season I think he is all but washed up. Rex Ryan would be smart to give the ball to Greene in the red zone to keep pressure off his young quarterback. Not many featured backs left so if Greene is there this late, you might want to give him a shot.

Round 3, Pick 30

Tony Romo, QB, Cowboys. He has one of the best tight ends in the game, and he has a dangerous backfield that can score. I always think that he is a risk pick, but every year he seems to put up numbers. Also he never seems to miss games, so those are two huge things that you need in a quarterback. This could be his breakout season fantasy wise.

Round 3, Pick 31

Pierre Thomas, RB, Saints. I really like Thomas, not sure why I let him slip this far. The Saints are the best offensive team in the league, so why would you not want the starting running back? I know Reggie Bush will take a few of his touches, but Thomas will still do most of the work for this backfield.

Round 3, Pick 32

Tom Brady, QB, Patriots. Brady to Moss, what else do I need to say?. Also they think Welker should be able to play the full season, so Brady throwing touchdowns won't be anything new. I like Schaub and Rivers at this pick too, but you have to take Brady first. You just know what your getting with him. Unless Bernard Pollard takes him again out of course.

Round 3, Pick 33

DeSean Jackson, WR, Eagles. He can turn a screen pass into a 50 yard touchdown just like that. He can also burn everyone down the middle of the field for a deep touchdown. Running the reverse is also a good way for Jackson to score you some points. Not taking Jennings here could really be a mistake, but the Pack has too many weapons to take Jennings here, while Jackson should get more touches in Philly.

Round 3, Pick 34

LeSean McCoy, RB, Eagles. This is another guy that some might consider me reaching for at this pick, but with Westbrook gone he is all the Eagles have for a running back. With a new quarterback as well, McCoy may also get more touches out of the backfield, which for a PPR league is always a good thing. If you take a WR or QB in the first two rounds this could be a solid back to compliment your other running back selection.

Round 3, Pick 35
Greg Jennings, WR, Packers. I like him a lot at any spot, but it just seems that the Packers have too many weapons for him to put up huge numbers. He could catch a lot of touchdowns, but he could also just put up yards and not score. He is a guy that will carry your team to the championship, or keep your team from the championship.

Round 3, Pick 36

Marques Colston, WR, Saints. I could almost copy and paste the same thing I just wrote about Jennings. A great wideout that is on a team with too many weapons. He will still catch his balls and find the endzone, so it's not a bad snag with the last pick in the third round.

Round 4, Pick 37

Philip Rivers, QB, Chargers. Vincent Jackson is going to miss some games, and they have a rookie running back but I still see Rivers putting up solid numbers. He still has his boy Gates, and he will find a way to make big plays when needed.

Round 4, Pick 38

Jahvid Best, RB, Lions. You could take a guy like Joseph Addai here, but I just have a feeling that Donald Brown is going to cut in to the bulk of those carries. Best, on the other hand, is a guy that could be an up and coming star in this league. He has the tools to get to the corner and burn everyone. If you're a gambling man take a chance with this guy. Like I said before the Lions could surprise some teams.

Round 4, Pick 39

Anquan Boldin, WR, Ravens. I really like him this season more than last. He is the main target now on the Ravens, and he has a young QB that could come out this year. If I had to pick a strong team in the AFC the Ravens would get that vote. Boldin should put up some big numbers to help the Ravens earn home field in the playoffs.

Round 4, Pick 40

Steve Smith, WR, Giants. That is not a mistake, I think the Giants' Smith might have a bigger year than the Panthers' Smith. Eli Manning can have some really bad games, but he does seem to find Smith when he really needs a big play. Smith caught 107 balls last season, and I don't think it was just a one year thing.

Round 4, Pick 41

Matt Forte, RB, Bears. He went with the fifth pick last year in our draft, so this could be a steal if he can play well. He is all the Bears have, because Cutler is awful. If you take a QB and WR early and then need a second back this could be a good pick for you. He also will get a lot of screen passes, because puss arm Cutler can't throw deep balls. Not to Bears at least.

Round 4, Pick 42

Joseph Addai, RB, Colts. I took a few guys before him because I feel he may see some of his carries taken away. The reason why I still have him in the fourth round is because I think he will still get the goal line carries. The Colts always put up huge numbers, so don't be too scared of him, but also don't rely on him to be your top back.

Round 4, Pick 43

Matt Schaub, QB, Texans. Not sure why I waited this long to pick him, but if you get him this late you got a great steal. Some people wait on quarterbacks to stock up on RBs/WRs, but if you're not one of those people then take Schaub when you feel it is good value for your team. Owen Daniels is back, and Andre Johnson is the man, so Schaub should put up good numbers again.

Round 4, Pick 44

Felix Jones, RB, Cowboys. If Jones can stay healthy I have a feeling that Marion Barber will not put up the stats that Jones is capable of. Jones just has more game breaking speed and has a chance to walk into the endzone on any play. Also in a PPR league he will get a lot of third down plays so he could catch a lot of balls. He isn't a RB1, but he could be a good second guy in your backfield.

Round 4, Pick 45

Steve Smith, WR, Panthers. I guess it is about time to get him off my board. I really still think this is not a great pick, but I could be wrong. With Matt Moore at quarterback I think the Panthers will look to run the ball more than pass it. Then again Matt Moore could be a sleeper this year and end up throwing tons of touchdowns. If that's the case, you can bet they'll be going to Steve Smith. This is almost a guy you have to have a personal connection to if you're going to make this pick.

Round 4, Pick 46

Ronnie Brown, RB, Dolphins. This guy is going to win your a team a championship sooner than later. So what better time than now? Just be positive, and tell yourself he will make it through the season with out an injury. If he does this, you will be the one at the end of the season with the traveling trophy in your bedroom.

Round 4, Pick 47

Hines Ward, WR, Steelers. This could be a surprise to some people, but Ward will catch his share of balls no matter who the quarterback is. You could take young guys like Harvin, Nicks, or Crabtree right now, but Ward should still put up consistent numbers this season like only Hines Ward can. If you take some shots with a few guys in your early picks he would be a nice solid fourth round or early fifth round pick for you.

Round 4, Pick 48

Jonathan Stewart, RB, Panthers. As long as your don't have DeAngelo Williams this is a solid pick for you. I think this Panthers team will run the ball like no other. They have two great backs that should each get over 12 carries a game. Stewart is also one Williams injury away from getting 25+ carries a game, and then really putting up monster numbers. You might get a few slow weeks out of him, but in the long run he should help you more than he hurts you.

With four rounds in the books your team should be starting to take shape. Most seasons I really decide if my team is going to be good with my first four picks, but really the most important picks are still to come. Those who can find the diamonds in the rough in the later rounds win titles. So come back next week for rounds five and six. Those are the rounds that can make or break the whole season.


Anonymous said...

You have Calvin Johnson at 2-18 and at 3-25. Does he have a twin?

Gweedo said...

Just seeing if anyone was reading this. Sorry I will fix it with the next rounds.

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