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It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

I could see but only one person I know wearing the moronic shirt posted above. The man in question used to write articles on this website about Fantasy sports, before his basement flooded which ended his career on The Bucky Channel. That's right, our old friend Bear thinks he is awesome at fantasy football, if only because he has won our league the past two years. The only problem is he doesn't know who was the first ever winner in said league. It was no other than myself, Gweeds, who set the bar for this league by taking out Winks in the title game. That was before we ever got into all the mock drafts and magazines that help you pick who is going to be good. So I'm a little old fashioned, but for the next 4 weeks I'll be doing a "mock draft" of my own. So lets get a start with the first two rounds.

Our league is 12 teams, and we count points per reception. So the picks will be based off that. We also start 1-QB, 2-WR, 2-RB, 1-TE, 1-K, 1-DEF. So here we go......

Round 1, Pick 1

Chris Johnson, Running Back. He ran for 2,006 yards last season, and also caught 50 balls. This is a no brainier at number one.

Round 1, Pick 2

Adrian Peterson, Running Back. If stupid Favre doesn't come back you could move him up, because he will touch the ball all the time. But two seems to be the best place for him with or without Brett.

Round 1, Pick 3

Maurice Jones-Drew, Running Back. Why do people not see this guy as a face of the NFL?He is like 5 foot 5, and he is awesome every year. This is the kind of person kids should be looking up to.

Round 1, Pick 4

Ray Rice, Running Back. This team could take the AFC by storm, and this man could have an awesome year. If you have the fourth pick consider this the first steal of the draft.

Round 1, Pick 5

Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback. This is where I got lost on who to take. Last year I took LT at this spot, and well that didn't work out well for me. So this is a safe pick over the other running backs at this spot. Why Rodgers as the first quarterback? I say because he can run for touchdowns, which moves him up the board.

Round 1, Pick 6

Frank Gore, Running Back. The guy has the potential to be a top three pick, but it is just a matter if he can play every game. If he played every game last year he would have had more points than Peterson for sure.

Round 1, Pick 7

Steven Jackson, Running Back. Another guy that could put up huge numbers if he can find the endzone, although he only had four touchdowns last year. I could see him getting 12 total to make him a nice pick at number seven.

Round 1, Pick 8

Michael Turner, Running Back. He just doesn't catch balls, so in a league like this it is hard to take him before this pick. He might still be a little high at eight in a reception league, but we are going to take a shot with him. (Winks Edit: This is where I'll be picking this year, and I don't know if I can take Turner again like I did last year at the four. He just doesn't catch balls, although I'll gladly make this pick if we vote receptions out. Also, Rodgers at five?)

Round 1, Pick 9

Andre Johnson, Wide Receiver. The dude just loves to catch balls, and if he scores a lot of touchdowns as well this guy could put up huge numbers. He is going to be looked at around 18 times a game, so if he catches half of them that's nine points right there. The rest is just helping you win the league.

Round 1, Pick 10

DeAngelo Williams, Running Back. He splits time with another great back, but this team loves to run. With a quarterback that hasn't played a whole season yet starting for them Williams will get a lot of touches.

Round 1, Pick 11

Rashard Mendenhall, Running Back. He's a 1,000 yard rusher with seven carries in the first three games. I can only think his number will go up. Also with no Big Ben to start the season someone has to make plays.

Round 1, Pick 12

Larry Fitzgerald, Wide Receiver. No more Boldin, so this guy will be a huge redzone target. He always makes it look easy getting into the endzone, so I see that happening again this season. From the 10 yard line in this guy has the best chance to bring down a catch for a touchdown.

Round 2, Pick 13

Reggie Wayne, Wide Receiver. Every year I put this guy on my guys to draft list, every year I pass him up, and every year I kick myself in the ass for not taking him. The guy has the most accurate QB in the league, so you know he is going to catch balls. In a PPR league he is a good value here. If you don't get reception points, you might want to wait a little on him.

Round 2, Pick 14

Drew Brees, Quarterback. He has too many weapons to not spend an early pick on him. Also the Saints defense has a few holes, so that puts more pressure on the offense to pick up the slack. If you can snag a guy that scores a lot off the PPR Brees is solid pick here.

Round 2, Pick 15

Randy Moss, Wide Receiver. I see him as a huge risk, but every year he puts up the numbers need to be a top 20 pick, so what better time than now to snag him. In a PPR league he can have some awful games, but you have to hope he finds the endzone.

Round 2, Pick 16

Ryan Mathews, Running Back. I don't know what to say other than Chargers backs are always good in fantasy. I don't know anything else about this guy, so my guess is I don't see myself taking him. Then again I haven't won since 2002, so maybe he wouldn't be a bad idea.

Round 2, Pick 17

Ryan Grant, Running Back. I have him behind Mathews, because of the PPR. Grant doesn't catch many balls, but he is a hard runner. Also he will get a lot of touches with not much else in the Packers backfield.

Round 2, Pick 18

Calvin Johnson, Wide Receiver. He worries me because of health issues. That being said, if he plays every game I don't see why he couldn't grab 100 balls this season. Teams are also saying that the Lions could be sleepers this season, so for that to come true this guy needs to step up.

Round 2, Pick 19

Peyton Manning, Quarterback. Getting him this late would be a nice pick up. The guy is good every year, and I don't see that changing this season.

Round 2, Pick 20

Cedric Benson, Running Back. He will get a lot of carries just like he did last season. If he can stay healthy he will be a great snag in the late second round. Won't catch a lot of balls, but he will power his way to the endzone when the Bengals get inside the ten.

Round 2, Pick 21

Knowshon Moreno, Running Back. With no Marshall Plan in action, Moreno will be all the Broncos have on offense. He has a great chance of putting up huge numbers, and being a steal if you got a proven back in the first round.

Round 2, Pick 22

Miles Austin, Wide Receiver. I think if he was on any other team I would like him more than I do. He runs great routes and has awesome hands. I think he could be a huge play maker this season. He could be a risk this high, but his upside seems too good to be true.

Round 2, Pick 23

Roddy White, Wide Receiver. Big time play maker, and with Gonzo not getting any younger White will catch a lot of balls. White has to go high, because he might be all the Falcons have in the passing game this season. If he plays every game this season look out cornerbacks, you might just get burned.

Round 2, Pick 24

Jamaal Charles, Running Back. This is a hit or miss pick, but I have a good feeling it will be a hit. Thomas Jones might take some of his touches, but Charles is does it all. He can run, catch, and score touchdowns. In most leagues kick returns don't count for the player, but if they do in your league that would be another reason to pick Charles now. This team is not that good, so he should get touches to try and make a big play.

That is enough for the now with the first two rounds in the books. Check back later next week for the third and fourth rounds.


Bear said...

Gweeds, I would never, EVER wear a shirt as ridiculous as that one. Plus its obvious that I dont need to wear a billboard type advertisement to let people know my prowess as a fantasy football legend.... The word of mouth reputation is good enough on its own.

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