Friday, July 16, 2010

Johnny Jolly Taking the Year Off, and Then Some

Although the details remain cloudy, the one thing that is clear is that Johnny Jolly will not be playing football with the Packers this season. In fact, he may never suit up for the Green and Gold again. Jolly was suspended "indefinitely" by the NFL, a suspension which is sure to last for the entire 2010 season and possibly longer. The reason for the suspension was a violation the NFL's Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse, but it's a pretty hefty charge for someone who has never been suspended before.

The harsh suspension is in fact for substance abuse, but just how many tests he may have failed remains to be seen. We all know about his pending trial coming up which centers mainly around "purple drank", which is basically just cough syrup and crumpled up Jolly Ranchers, or other sweet alternatives. But this suspension seems to be much bigger than that, highlighted by the fact that Jolly's getting tagged with a year right off the point.

I'm not totally devastated by the news, mainly because we had to figure a suspension of some kind was coming for Jolly, although the severity of the punishment is a bit surprising. I'm sure it will make more sense though when we are fully aware of the crime. As far as what this means on the field, Justin Harrell better get good in a hurry.

NFL Suspends Jolly (JsOnline Packers Blog)


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