Wednesday, July 7, 2010

King James is Going To........

LeBron James always has that smirk on him, but this time it's because he knows something you don't know. And that would be the information of where he is going to sign and try to win a NBA title. With Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade playing together in Miami now you have to move the Heat up your board. Still, I feel that LBJ is a bigger homer than we are here at this blog, and he is going to find himself wearing a Cavs jersey. The guy has everything anyone could ever want. If he wins he wins, but his heart just seems to be in Cleveland.

As a Bucks fan we can only hope he picks the Knicks or the Heat. If LeBron leaves the Central you have to figure that opens the door wide open for the Bucks to win this Division. The Bulls will be just like they were last year - a team that plays great one day, and tanks the next game. The Pistons and Pacers haven't done anything this off season to make them an above .500 team. The Cavs without LeBron will still have Jamison, West, Hickson, and Varejao. The only thing that team would be missing is a play maker. But that's enough to put the Bucks right on top.

So where do I think he is going to go? Waking up Wednesday morning to the news of Bosh and Wade joining forces you have to put Miami at the top of your list. The only thing that will keep him from going there is the Heat not being able to swing his contract. Percentage of him going to Miami? I would have to say it's around 48%.

The next best choice has to be Cleveland. The guy was born and raised there, and his home is in his heart. The only problem with going back to Cleveland is they haven't done anything to improve this team. They had no draft picks this year at all, and have yet to dive into the free agency pool. So this is why the percentage of him going to Cleveland is going to drop. Percentage of him staying home is about 32%.

Lets hear it for New York, New York, New York.... This team makes the list, because it is a big city that all athletes dream about playing in. LeBron loves to wear a Yankees hat when he isn't on the court so you know New York is in the back of his mind. The Knicks did a great job of signing Amare Stoudemire to give LeBron a reason to come. Give LeBron a big guy that runs the court, and the atmosphere would be like an all-star game every night. Chance of James wearing Knicks colors next season 16%.

Last but not least would have to be New Jersey. The Nets have a good center in Brooke Lopez, and have a good point guard in Devin Harris. They also had the number three pick in the draft to bring in another big guy to help Lopez out. This could be a team that would be good if they can stay healthy with James. It's also helps the Jay-Z is around, because I'm sure he and LeBron are good buds. So lets give them our final 4% chance of getting the King.

What does this all mean? Well it doesn't really matter what I or anyone else thinks, because LeBron knows what's to come. For that reason check out ESPN Thursday night at 9:oo EST when he has a special one hour show to announce his plans. I don't think anyone has ever had their own show to make an signing announcement, so not sure how this is going to work. Apparently it's not going to be like American Idol, and we'll get the news within the first ten minutes. This might be the first/last time anyone has a signing contract show so check it out. Either way, lets put it at zero percent that LeBron will pick Milwaukee.

On a side note another rumor is going around, we all know Winks hates rumors, that Travis Diener could be on the Bucks radar. For those who don't know who Diener is let me inform you. He played high school basketball in our hometown here at The Bucky Channel of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. After that he would be recruited to play basketball at Marquette University for Tom Crean. After four years of ball, and a Final Four appearance he was drafted in the second round by the Orlando Magic. The NBA has not worked out great for him as he always seems to find a team with a lot of point guards. When Diener does get a chance to play he can run an offense, but has a hard time guarding people with his size. So again this is just a rumor, but it would be cool to see him in the Bradley Center again. This news is no where near what the James news is, but this is a Wisconsin Sports Blog so we'll deem it worthy.


Anonymous said...

0% for Chicago? I think there has to be a chance he'll go there considering they just got Boozer.

Gweedo said...

sorry bud, but this was already a post before Boozer was signed. Still i feel that Lebron would not sign with a team that would have to play the Cavs the most.

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