Monday, July 12, 2010

Last Night on Entourage....

How about a new feature here on The Bucky Channel? After watching this season's premiere episode of Entourage where literally nothing happened, we decided we'd fill you in on the plot of each new episode just in case you missed it. Here's what happened last night.

Long description: Vince woke up after sleeping longer than normal. He was feeling delusional a bit and he decided to get a haircut. He cut his own hair, and some people got mad. He also said his new movie sucked. Turtle's credit card was maxed out and he was mad, but it turned out to be an error. Drama and E talked about reading scripts and hugged, this was after Drama was at a strip club to give us our obligatory shot of tits. Ari then tried to buy the TV rights to the NFL after a meeting with Jerry Jones of the Cowboys, Jones says that Ari should own a team. Ari's wife bought a chandelier. Vince jumped out of a plane.

Short description: Nothing.


Lisa said...

hahahahhaa hysterical.hhahahaha

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