Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's All Agree That it's Over, Right?

My favorite part about the Brewers loss on Wednesday night was when I checked in the 6th inning when the Crew was down 12-3, and the headline was "Brewers making their hits count against Pirates". At least they are trying to stay positive their over on the team's website. I'm a little less optimistic though.

My goal for the Brewers this week was to win at least six games which is a little too much to ask for (it would have put them at four under .500 and back in contention), but it was still something I thought could be done against teams like Pittsburgh and Washington. Plus, if you really are a playoff contender, you'd be up to task. But Milwaukee wasn't, and they have already lost two of their three games this week. The worst part about it was that in their losses they gave up a large quantity of runs, which just furthers the theory that the down year is less about being unlucky and more about being un-good.

So with the season fading faster and faster each day, it's now time to think about what else we might want to do to occupy our time this summer. I'm still in soccer fever from the World Cup, going as far as watching the entire Manchester United / Philadelphia Union friendly on Wednesday night instead of the Crew, so I can occupy myself with that this summer. The Packers are starting up again soon, so that will be nice. And I'm still in contention in all of my fantasy baseball leagues, so maybe I'll spend the night watching a little more MLB Network. Sure, I'll pay attention to the Crew, I'll even go to a few more games this season, but I'm not going to invest more time than I need to in a team that loses 15-3 to the Pirates in what I considered a must-win game.

Season's over my friends. In some ways though it seems like it never really began. Have a good summer, everybody!

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