Monday, July 5, 2010

Milwaukee Unable to Cash In Against Giants

If you're following this Brewers team night in and night out, you can slowly feel them fading deeper and deeper into obscurity, and becoming closer and closer to being sellers at the deadline. Even when things are seemingly going Milwaukee's way, they just do not appear to be a team that can come through and convert on their chances. That ineptitude was on display multiple times in the Brewers' Monday afternoon 6-1 loss to the San Francisco Giants.

Their misfortune started as early as the second inning, when the Brewers were able to load up the bases with zero outs, yet only one runner was able to cross the plate and that was only because Rickie Weeks was walked home. That proved to be Milwaukee's only run of the game, even though they were able to put multiple men on base during multiple innings. You gotta plate those runners though, something that the Brewers just could not do on Monday.

It's really a shame too, because the Brewers wasted a rare solid performance from Dave Bush. Bush went six innings and gave up just one run himself, striking out four batters along the way. His performance was also tainted by the first real poor performance from Kameron Loe, as Loe only lasted 1/3 of an inning and gave up four runs. Only two were earned though, thanks to another error by Alcides "E"scobar. The Giants added another run after that to get the 6-1 win, and the Brewers disappointing season continues.

It's only going to be a matter of time now before we find out what the future of this season holds, and the speculation still remains that the Brewers will in fact become sellers. It might be more or less guys of the Jody Gerut and Dave Bush variety rather than Corey Hart or Prince Fielder, but changes feel as if they are looming. Mark Attanasio says he doesn't want to rebuild, but we'll see.

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