Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh, Those Hideous Uniforms

Hopefully Friday night was the last time the Brewers will wear those retched mid-90's uniforms, because I can't stand those things. At least the parting image of them if that's the case will be a Milwaukee victory, because Lord knows that didn't happen much when these were our daily kits. Although another lasting memory could also be the fact that Corey Hart may have taken himself off of the trade block when his right hand slammed into the concrete on the right field wall. Awesome. He did have both the x-rays and the MRI done already and both came back negative, so that's a good thing of course. But still, yikes.

I don't know, I just really hate those uniforms. To me when I see those things I think of this set of police cards I had where the Brewers were trying to sell stars like Turner Ward and Jeff D'Amico. It was just a terrible team all around and it's hard to relieve those memories by looking at the dreads all these years later. There's a reason why people like our current uniforms and why people are dying to see the ball and glove logo come back more often, and that's because they don't suck like these blocky green ones do.

Actually, one of the reasons I hated the Washington Nationals when that whole franchise switch went down is because I was told that the Nationals font was based on the Brewers uniforms from the mid-90s. I've already expressed my disdain for the uniforms, but I also think another reason why I hate them is because when I was in 6th grade I had a lucky baseball cap, and it was off the old diamond Brewers logo from that era. Well, while wearing the hat I was the subject of a horrible car crash which left glass shards throughout my face and blood draining everywhere. I guess I was lucky that neither of my eyeballs were punctured, but every time I saw that logo I was reminded of that horrible experience and the worst headache I've ever had (seriously, there is no worse headache than that of a bad car wreck; the screeching of the medal and the collision is an unbearable noise for your skull to experience).

So yeah, that's why I don't like those uniforms.

But hey, Milwaukee got the win on Friday which means this team is on a winning streak. It's only two games, sure, but we'll take it at this point. Player of the Game is going to Jim Edmonds, as he had a great game after filling in for Corey Hart. If there are days where we don't get to a Brewers recap (i.e. Thursday and probably many more to come), we'll still update the POTG standings accordingly, for the one of you that care (which would be myself).


b2 said...

car accident sympathy card. i doubt that headache hurts more than splitting your head open on a swingset.

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