Monday, July 19, 2010

One Down, Five to Go

Maybe I've just been a bad fan this season, but I have to say that I was more interested in Monday night's Brewers game against the Pirates than I have been for a game for quite some time. With this little challenge that I've created for the Brewers this week, you may remember it as the one that few people care about, I've kind of created my own drama to get behind this team. The challenge for Milwaukee this week is to win six out of their seven games against the Pirates and the Nationals, because that's what I realistically think is what they need to do if they are going to have a shot in the playoffs and prevent themselves from becoming sellers. After one night, things are so far so good.

As I said the other day, it's a lofty goal to ask a team to win six games in one week, especially a team like the Milwaukee Brewers. But these two opponents are teams that we could put a run together against, and it's clear that owner Mark Attanasio is waiting as long as possible before he has to trade anyone. If we do somehow pull of a week of six wins then we'll be four games under .500 and withing striking distance of a relevant season. Despite how negative I've been about the Brew this season, I really think they can pull this off, and Monday's game was the reason why.

Think about it. We had a guy on the mound on Monday that hadn't won a game in three years, and he was thrust into a starting role only because our ace is injured and that because that ace's replacement then had to be placed on the disabled list as well. But Chris Capuano did all that was asked of him, which was to keep the Brewers in the ballgame (inside joke). Cappy earned his first win since 2007 by going five innings as he gave up just one run. The bullpen did a great job of maintaining that lead, especially John Axford who picked up his 12th save of the season and has yet to blow a save this year.

It's one game down and six to go, and even if the Brewers don't achieve this insane mission I've presented to them, at least for myself I've invented a way to get myself invested again in a team that is eight games under .500. Still, if the Brewers do end up making the playoffs this season, this week will be the reason why. With Corey Hart and Prince Fielder on the trading block, and with our season slipping away more and more each day, this week is our playoffs. So far, we're right on track. Let's keep it up.

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