Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Other Night on Entourage...

Recapping this week's episode of Entourage in case you missed it...

Everyone was eating breakfast at Vince's house talking about what they were going to do throughout the episode, or rather, what they were up to that day. Vince was there. Turtle went to Mexico with some girl who may or may not want to sleep with him. They went to a very sketchy party where people usually end up dying, but all that was hurt was Turtle's ego. That's because some guy wants Vince to be on a bottle of tequila. Sounds great. John Stamos came over to meet Johnny Drama and they played in ping pong. Drama won, Stamos was mad. Vince was there too, playing with a boat. E called Sloan, they are in love. E didn't like his coworker, but now he does. E forgot to look at flowers for the wedding. Maybe next time. Ari still wants to buy own an NFL team, he got some investors, and one of them really likes Diet Coke. The girl that quit Ari's firm still doesn't like Ari. No sign from Lloyd. Drama felt bad about beating Stamos, they had a rematch at Stamos' ping pong palace. Stamos won, but might do Drama's show. Vince was there. They went to Vegas. E looked sad.


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