Saturday, July 3, 2010

Salmons Is Back

The Milwaukee Bucks aren't joking around anymore. They are finally building a team to compete in the East, which couldn't make me any happier. John Salmons can't sign anything till Thursday, but he committed verbally to a contract somewhere in the 5 years, 40 million dollar range. It also sounds Milwaukee can buy out of his contract in the final year. I can't say I saw this one coming after getting Maggette and Douglas-Roberts already this offseason. Salmons was on the top of many peoples free agent list, so I was also surprised that he didn't wait for other offers.

Now with it being the Fourth of July weekend, people should be enjoying some time off from work, but that is not the case for us here at TBC. We not only work Saturday, but we have to work Monday too. So for that reason here is a link to an article on JSonline about the Bucks signings, even though we wish we had a little more time to get more in depth. Some people like what the Bucks are doing, others not so much, but we say so far so good.

And for those who have to work this weekend we feel your pain, and for those who have off enjoy the holiday.


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