Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer League Recap

Milwaukee didn't get out of the Vegas Summer League with a good record (1-4), but they did have a few bright spots and got some excellent play out of their rookies. Larry Sanders played awesome all Summer League, and Deron Washington played well too. Tiny Gallon also got a lot of minutes in the last two games, and he looked good too. I really think those two guys really need to stick around for the long haul, as they could be good with a little bit of work. One reason the Bucks record was so bad is because they didn't have a true point guard to help their offense, but that can be forgiven for now.

Sanders was the real star of the Summer League team, and he played the most minutes for any Bucks player in the five games. He averaged 14 points a game, which for a guy that isn't supposed to be a force on offense is very impressive. He also had some highlight reel blocks that really showed his true game as well. It was also good to see him find a little bit of a jumper and hook shot. Those are things that he really needs to work on to be the next big thing. Watching him play five games is really getting me pumped for the NBA season to start.

Lets look at some highlights from this Summer League:

* John Wall looked good in Summer league for the Wizards with 23.5 points a game, and 7.8 assists. Also he had the best coach of the Summer League in Sam Cassell, who was wildly entertaining with how serious he took the outcomes of the games.

* DeMarcus Cousins had somewhat of a triple-double in one of the games with 16 points, 12 rebounds, and ten fouls. Yes, ten fouls, in one game. It is just Summer League so no one fouls out. My guess is he never does this again in his career.

* Greg Stiemsma played for the Timberwolves team. He only scored three points in five games, but did have eight blocks. Still, I don't see the former Badger being an NBA player anytime soon.

* Lazar Hayward played well for the Timberwolves, as they drafted him with the last pick in the first round. He averaged 14 points a game, and 3.5 rebounds per game in his four games played. He was a surprise pick in the first round, but hope it works out for him.

* Hasheem Thabeet still isn't a good NBA player. He got owned by anyone and everyone. One key play I saw was when Dominic James got around him for an offensive rebound, yikes.

* Brian Butch ruptured his left patella so he will be out for awhile. He was on the Denver Nuggets summer team before this happened.

* Larry Sanders averaged 3.2 blocks a game in his five Summer League games. That was tops for the league. He also went from "Who is this Guy?" status in the beginning of Summer League to, "Holy shit, this guy really does have great potential" status after the Summer League.

* O.J. Mayo showed he is a team leader by playing for Memphis in Summer League to work on his point guard skills. I have to give him a lot of credit to just take time out of schedule to play in Vegas.

* Evan Turner had a rough time, but the 76ers guard Jrue Holiday looked good.

Overall none of this really means anything, but it is always good to see one player look good for your team. The record doesn't mean anything, but Sanders skills were a real bright spot. I would really say that Sanders, Cousins, and Wall were the big three of Summer League. So now the pressure is on them to make it happen on the big stage when the season starts.


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