Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sweep Could Alter Trade Deadline Plans

Last week I made the statement that in their week long endeavor against the Nationals and the Pirates, the Brewers needed to go no worse than 6-1 to realistically put them in a position where they could still be looked at as contenders. A 6-1 record would be just enough in my opinion where it would still be logical for them not to become sellers, and to see if maybe they couldn't hit a streak ala the Colorado Rockies or Houston Astros of a few years ago. Anything less than that, and I would declare the season over (again).

Milwaukee didn't achieve my goal for them, but as it turns out they put together a pretty solid week. They flubbed up against the Pirates a couple of times but ultimately split that series before returning home to sweep the Nationals. In the end it was a 5-2 workweek for the Crew, one that now puts them at six games under .500, and they are actually now just eight games back in the NL Central. Can the Brewers realistically make up eight games in the next 2 1/2 months of baseball? I'm not sure, but ask the Boston Red Sox if they are going to become sellers even though they are eight games out (I know they have a more realistic shot at a Wild Card than the Crew does, but let me try to make my point here).

I've declared this season to be over so many times already that it would be foolish of me to go back on that assessment. At the same time though, I don't think that eight games back in the NL Central is too far back that you want to be become sellers. I've never really gotten the feeling from Doug Melvin and especially Mark Attanasio though that they planned to sell the farm, and I still think any trades that would happen will happen at the Winter Meetings (although the Brewers did win their last three games without the services of Corey Hart, hmmmmm...). My stance that the season is over still remains, but at only eight games back, I don't want to see them involved in any major trades that will hurt them short-term. Because, hey, you just never know.

How things are going to shake out though remains to be seen, but it's clear that our upcoming three game set with the Reds is going to be a huge one. There's no better opportunity to climb up the standings than to take on the team you are chasing. Hopefully the Brewers can take advantage of that and then we'll see what the rest of the second half of the season has in store.

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