Sunday, July 18, 2010

These Next Seven Games Are Deciding the Season

While watching MLB Network the other night, I was almost floored when I heard the broadcast team talk about the Brewers as if they were not out of the playoff race. As it stands after Milwaukee's series with the Braves, the Brewers don't appear to be in any type of position to contend as their record sits at 42-51. It's not a good record by any means, and while I realize that one good streak could still catapult the Crew back into the discussion, it's not going to happen. This team has been eight, nine, ten games under .500 for the last two months, why should we expect any different now? They are not showing signs of improvement, and they are not the type of team that can put all the pieces together. Not this season at least.

That's the stance I've been taking on this team for quite some time now, but the Brewers still have one last chance to change my mind. For the Brewers to be able to be relevant again and possibly prevent them from being sellers, they needed to come out firing after the break. Even though ideally that would have meant that the Brewers would have won more than two out of the four games in Atlanta, they did still split a series against a first place team on the road, so I will give them that. Up next though is where they have to make their move.

Throughout the next week, the Brewers have four on the road against Pittsburgh and then three at home against Washington. As we've seen numerous times this season, Milwaukee doesn't seem to have too much difficulty against the Pirates, so you'd like to see that continue. Washington isn't a team to take lightly as they always seem to do well against us, but they are a beatable team and it's looking as if we won't have to see Stephen Strasburg during the three game series. I truly believe that if we are going to have a shot at this thing, we obviously can't have a losing record over these next seven. But we can't settle for like a 4-3 or 5-2 clip either. If the Brewers don't go at least 6-1 this week, then the guys can start planning vacations for October. A six win week may seem lofty, but we are nine games under .500 right now and the trade deadline is two weeks away. You gotta make a move sometime, and that time is now.

Can they do it though? I don't feel like they can, because I just don't think they are good enough. The Brewers are a team that just when you think they can really be something special because they have put a couple of good moments together, they throw a couple of stinkers at you and make you wonder why you thought they were good in the first place. Sort of like Carlos Gomez's career up to this point. Seriously though, just look at the last two games. On Saturday the Brewers got a quality performance out of Chris Narveson and exploded for five runs in the seventh inning to come from behind and win the game, but then on Sunday Manny Parra gives up ten runs in five innings. Not a successful formula there.

So this is it Brewers fans. Seven winnable games against two teams we should be able to have our way with if we truly are contenders. If we get six or seven wins this week, you can stash away the Corey Hart and Prince Fielder rumors until the Winter Meetings. But if not, you better scramble to pick up Lorenzo Cain in your fantasy league because he will be starting in the outfield every day. It's now or never, Milwaukee. Let's see what you've got.

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