Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Uecker Back on Friday

With this Brewers season slowly fading in to obscurity, at least we'll have an old friend back to help us along for the ride. Bob Uecker will be returning to the broadcast booth on Friday as the Crew is set to start a three game set with the Washington Nationals. Uecker, sidelined earlier this season after needed heart surgery, is expected to tentatively return for the home games while eventually traveling with the team later on down the road.

I may be in the minority here, but I haven't hated the work of Corey Provus and Davey Nelson. Sure, Nelson may have problems speaking sometimes which generally isn't acceptable in a business where your main job requirement is to speak, but they've kept decent company so far this summer. The problem is that a guy like Uecker is irreplaceable. Scratch that, there is no other guy like Uecker. I've always found it incredible that a guy with his talent has chosen to stay in Brew City over the years, and I look forward to his return as well as wish him the best of luck. Nelson and Provus filled in admirably, but it's time for the king to regain his throne.


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