Saturday, July 10, 2010

World Cup Prediction: Third Place Game

Germany vs. Uruguay - 1:30pm - ABC

Could you imagine if the losers of the NFC Championship Game and the AFC Championship Game played each other the day before the Super Bowl? Or if the losers of the ALDS and the NLDS played a seven game series during the day while the real World Series was at night? Because that's kind of what is going on today as Germany and Uruguay play for the consolation.

Germany is the better team, they have the better attack, they are better on defense, and they are to be the more feared team in the matchup. But they will not win the game because they were playing for the title, and this game will be an afterthought to them. Uruguay on the other hand is just going along for the ride, and they'll really put it all on the line and try to win this game and cap off an incredible run in this tournament. Hopefully, I'm wrong, just because I'd rather see the better team win, but ultimately nobody will remember this game come the next World Cup and that's why Germany won't care to win.

Uruguay 2, Germany 1


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