Tuesday, July 6, 2010

World Cup Prediction: Tuesday, July 6th

Semifinal - Uruguay vs. Netherlands - 1:30pm - ESPN

Oh, how easily this game could have featured the United States. Can you imagine how huge that would have been for soccer in this country? Instead, most of us are back to not caring about soccer while I am trying to relive the glory of last month by getting into the MLS. Watching the MLS hasn't been all bad I guess. Just imagine a World Cup game, and then subtract fluid passing, cohesion, excitement, and skill. Not too bad. But I digress.

This is a game that everyone is going to have pegged for the Dutch, as they clearly look the stronger of the two teams especially after their upset of Brazil. However, Bradley Cooper lookalike Diego Forlan has lead this Uruguay team through some pretty nerve-racking matches, including their narrow escape against Ghana last weekend. Uruguay has actually yet to allow many goals in this tournament, and a smart strategy for them may be just to play defense and hope for another shootout. They've proven they have the legs to go 120, but I do think despite an increasing desire of mine to want to pick Uruguay more and more every day, that the Dutch take this one and continue their quest for their first World Cup title.

Netherlands 2, Uruguay 1 (in extra time)

So there's that, or, read Deadspin's preview of the final four, sort of like mine but in a more humorous manner. Sigh.


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