Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup Prediction: Wednesday, July 7th

Semifinal - Germany vs. Spain - 1:30pm - ESPN

Spain was a side that everyone quickly began to doubt after the pre-tourney favorites dropped their opening match to the Swiss, but since then they have played some wonderful soccer to get to the semis, almost in a quiet fashion. The Germans are getting all the attention in this match because of their sudden ability to run up the score, as they now have scored four goals on three different occasions in this tournament, including becoming the first team to do it in both the round of 16 and the quarterfinals.

It's been a very uncharacteristic run for this German team, a team that has a lot different makeup and attitude then the dominant teams of the past. But they have almost cruised through this tournament a little too easily, if that can be a possible thing. We haven't really seen this team get tested, and the one time they did go down (to Serbia), they were unable to come back, missing many shots along the way including a penalty kick. But I still just think that they are feeling it a little too much to not win, and even though Spain is probably the best choice for a team that can beat them, I'm going with Germany.

Germany 2, Spain 1


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