Friday, July 2, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Friday, July 2nd

Quarterfinals - Brazil vs. the Netherlands - 9:00am - ESPN

Eight teams remain in the world's greatest tournament, and unfortunately for these two teams they have to face one another. The Netherlands are one of the hottest teams in the world, and the Brazilians are one of the most feared. As much as I want to see the Netherlands go even further in this thing, I just can't see them getting past Brazil. Make sure you stay home from work though, this is going to be a great game (even though you shouldn't be calling in sick on Fridays).

Brazil 2, Netherlands 1

Although.... looking back at my initial predictions I did pick the Dutch in this game, so let's flop it around.

Netherlands 2, Brazil 1

Quarterfinals - Uruguay vs. Ghana - 1:30pm - ESPN

I'm going to put all logic aside and just predict Uruguay to win. Let's say because of the South American dominance so far, or something. Look, I think it's great that Ghana is still alive and that gives this host African country of South Africa a team they can really get behind, but I just can't stomach them winning. I haven't been able to watch highlights yet of their victory over the States, especially the dance that Asamoah Gyan did after he scored the goal three minutes into the extra thirty minutes. Honestly, I really could see Ghana winning, but I think Uruguay gets back to semi-finals for the first time since 1970.

Uruguay 1, Ghana 0


Anonymous said...

nailed netherlands!

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