Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Cup Predictions: Saturday, July 3rd

Quarterfinals - Germany vs. Argentina - 9am - ESPN

This game is my World Cup final. Even though I predicted England and Spain to meet up at the end when this thing first started, these are the two teams that I think are playing the best football, I mean, um, soccer. Germany has a great mix of youth and experience that is used to playing this far in the tournament, while I think Diego Maradona has put together a perfect mix of players to really do some damage. My one concern with Argentina is that I'm not sure how tested their keeper and their defense has been, and I think it's an area that Germany can definitely exploit. Argentina is my new horse though, and I'm going to guess that we're going to see a true offensive explosion in this contest.

Argentina 3, Germany 2

Quarterfinals - Paraguay vs. Spain - 1:30pm - ABC

Spain got off to a rocky start in this tournament, but they have been on a mission since their opening day loss to the Swiss. As good as Paraguay has been so far, their glass slipper is about to fall off and Spain is going to finally start to earn all the praise that they were given before the tournament started. Man oh man do I wish I did not have to work a ten hour day on this Fourth of July holiday weekend (obligatory bitch about work reference for the week).

Spain 2, Paraguay 0


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