Monday, August 2, 2010

The Bipolar Season Continues

Say what you want about how bad this Brewers team can be at times, they still do have the potential to rip off a boatload of runs at any moment. On Monday night, the Brewers had 18 runs off of 26 hits against the Cubbies. Twenty-six hits! That is an insane amount of hits to collect over a series, much less one game. It's just kind of sad to see this dominating of an offensive production in a season where hope has been lost so long ago. Not only that, but Yovani Gallardo pitched incredible on Monday too. Games like this are more sad this anything else at this point.

This is a box score worth checking, but make sure you delete your gene that makes you wonder about what could have been when you do. Yovani Gallardo had 12 strikeouts. Rickie Weeks was 1-for-6 but had three RBI. Hart went 4 of 7. Braun was 5 of 7. Fielder was 5 of 6 too, with five RBI. McGehee got into the party with a home run, and Escobar didn't suck either, both at the plate and in the field. It was pretty much the best game the Brewers could have played, which is discouraging to see really after a series where we struggled to score two runs against the Astros.

That's all I really got on this game, too depressing to speak about further.

POTG: Despite the offense, it's going to Gallardo.


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