Monday, August 30, 2010

Bradley Staying for Another Cup

He has a better winning percentage than any other coach than U.S. Soccer history, he's lead his team to a group win in the 2010 World Cup, an appearance in the Confederations Cup final in 2009, and he won the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup. Bob Bradley will have the chance to continue building on his legacy as he as re-signed with U.S. Soccer until 2014, which will be the World Cup year in Brazil.

Obviously, I think that my Dad would have been a better choice (remember to buy his book if you haven't already), but I don't be too pessimistic about the Bradley pick. His record speaks for himself, and if he wants another go at things he's earned it. Bradley was rumored for a lot of European jobs but ultimately is staying stateside.

While I'm alright with the move, a lot of fellow U.S. diehards are a bit upset, at least that's the opinion I gather from reading the comments on websites such as Soccer By Ives. While some may have not forgiven him for some lineup moves he made in the loss to Ghana, others just wanted to see a change and any kind. And the most popular man for that change was the guy that was considered along with Bradley when Bob first got the job, Juergen Klinsmann.

You may have seen Klinsmann during ESPN's coverage of the World Cup, or you may remember him from when he was a dominant force for the German national team oh so many years ago. Since his heyday, he has since moved to the United States and was always a top candidate for the job, but for the time being Bradley is going to remain the guy.

Ultimately, I don't hate the move, but I guess I don't love it either, you could say I'm indifferent. I just don't think that who the coach is will be the determining factor as to how the team performs. At least not until we have the talent that can actually compete game in and game out, not just occasionally.


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