Monday, August 9, 2010

Brewers Trade Edmonds

It appears that the future is now for Brewers outfielder Lorenzo Cain. In the past week, the Crew have sent Carlos Gomez to the DL for being terrible and sort of injured and now they have just sent Jim Edmonds to the Cinicinnati Reds. From what I understood, Edmonds didn't want to be traded even if it meant going to a contender, but apparently something changed his mind. Edmonds will now join the sixth team of his career, and the fourth time he's been on the roster of an NL Central squad. He'll join new teammates against a former team as the Reds are set for a big NL Central series with the Cardinals this week.

All this shuffling basically means that Lorenzo Cain is going to see a lot of playing time in the next month or so, as this his really his audition to make sure this is the guy we're going with in center next year, because Carlos Gomez does not appear to be the answer. In return for Edmonds, the Brewers are getting Chris Dickerson, who is 12 years younger than Edmonds at 28. Dickerson is a lefty that can play all over the outfield, but he really hasn't yet lived up to expectations. Interesting trade here by the Crew, but I can't really argue with trading an old guy for a young guy when we're out of the race. Best of luck to Jedmonds.


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