Friday, August 27, 2010

The Bucky Five: Fifty-Nine Points

1. Again, Rodgers. Wow. - If you're judging this game by the starters, then the Packers won their preseason game against the Colts 28-17, as that was the score at the end of the first half. Much of that score can be attributed to Aaron Rodgers, who is continuing to look better and better with each passing preseason contest. On Thursday night, Rodgers threw for 195 yards with three touchdowns, one to Driver, one to Finley, and one to Korey Hall. He just couldn't look better at this point, and it's going to be very exciting watching this guy and this offense once the season starts for real. I have the eighth pick in my fantasy draft, and there's no question I'm taking this guy at that point. If he's still there that is.

2. Defensive Improvements - They still gave up some huge yardage, and they let the Colts score a touchdown after just two plays, but you saw a lot better defense on Thursday than you've seen from this team previously. I'm still got going to worry about the big plays they gave up until the season starts, but I am going to focus on the positives. Morgan Burnett had a very nice interception on Peyton Manning, reading him the whole way. Everyone's favorite Frank Zombo had a huge forced fumble against Manning, and could end up making this team after all. And as a whole, even though they gave up some big plays, they did a very good job shutting down others. Huge tackles were made by B.J. Raji, Charles Woodson, and countless others throughout the game, and overall I'm lot more optimistic about the defense after this game than I was before it.

3. Still Torn on the Punters - On one hand, Chris Bryan's first punt was probably one of the worst punts I've ever seen, and the hangtime couldn't have been more than two seconds. On the other hand, Tim Masthay wears a long sleeve shirt under his jersey in the middle of August. I really don't care who wins this battle at all, in fact, I'm still kind of rooting for both of them to lose it.

4. Chery, Chery - What a night for the special teams, minus the shitty punter battle of course. First you had Korey Hall falling on a muffed punt return in the end zone for a touchdown, and then in the second half a guy named Jason Chery suddenly put himself in the running to make this team when he returned a 75 yard punt return for a touchdown. McCarthy said after the game that Chery is definitely going to get a bigger look this week, and why not? He hit the hole so quick on that return, barely getting touched along the way. If nothing else, big moment for the kid being able to do his first Lambeau Leap.

5. People Taking Notice - This game brings up a lot of the same feelings we had last preseason, when the Packers first team offense routed the Cardinals and we were immediately thinking Super Bowl. Even though it was just after a preseason game. The neat part about the all the points scored by Green Bay in their 59-24 victory over the Colts is how many different people got involved. Starters, backups, and guys just praying for a job, all of them got into the act. Matt Flynn had two touchdowns. Kregg Lumpkin looked very good on the series that spotlighted him where he earned a touchdown. The whole team was just sharp, all the way around in this one. Forget the preseason game against the Chiefts, let's just play some real football already.


Anonymous said...

both the punters have been performing at an nfl level, dont know why you are down on them. masthay is ryan 2.0

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