Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Bucky Five: Finley Gonna Get Paid

1. Seriously, This Guy is Unreal - While watching the Packers second preseason game on Saturday night with a few buddies, the discussion on Jermichael Finley quickly turned from, "Man, is this guy awesome", to "Hopefully Ted is willing to open his wallet on this guy". Finley is a machine that only gets better every year. From year one to year two, he improved his reception total from six to 55, and increase of 49 catches. I don't really doubt that he couldn't make the same jump this year and grab around 100 balls. In these first two games he already looks like one of the most dominant tight ends in the league. There's no question he'll be going off of the board very quickly come your fantasy football draft, and he looked real sharp in the Packers 27-24 victory on Saturday. Final stats - 4 catches, 48 yards, 1 TD. Spread that over the course of four quarters for sixteen weeks, and this guy is going to want his share of the pie next season. If there isn't a lockout of course.

2. Rodgers Too - Speaking of being a force, how easy is Aaron Rodgers making things look right now. Just another day at the office for him on Saturday, going 8 for 11 with 116 yards and two touchdowns. One of those as mentioned was to Finley, the other was to touchdown monger John Kuhn. It just looks so simple for ARodg, and I have to say I'm loving how often the Packers are not only looking for the deep balls but connecting on them too. A Rodgers injury is the only thing I'm worried about as far as keeping the Packers out of the playoffs. As far as the dream of getting to the Super Bowl, there is still another worry...

3. Didn't We Just See This Last Week? - ... and that would be the defense. The Packers once again gave up a couple of quick touchdowns to the opposing teams' first team offense, even though we should be looked at as the superior unit. This defense isn't something I'm going to let myself worry about until the actual season starts, but my confidence is not at an all-time high right now regarding that side of the ball. I'm very interested to see what happens on Thursday night against the Colts to see how we perform against an actual solid offense instead of these scrubs we've been seeing for the last two weeks. But if we suck against the bad teams, then this might not be pretty against Peyton Manning. Again, thankfully it's just preseason.

4. I Miss Jon Ryan - And not only because he's one of the few people we've actually interviewed on this site (via a whopping three questions over Facebook!). Ryan definitely looked a lot better than our punters on Saturday night, averaging more than 50 yards per punt. He even went as so far to glare down the Packers sideline, albeit in a joking manner. Still, it'd be a lot better to have our punter be putting up those numbers than to have a battle so awful that we're dissecting who is holding more kicks for Mason Crosby to see who has the edge. Honestly, I'm not even taking the time to learn the names of our punters until we pick one. I have no invested interest in this competition. I'm still trying to understand why we don't still have Craig Hentrich.

5. Two More of These Things? - The regular season is still nearly one month away? Seriously, let's start this bitch already!


Jonk said...

"the jump Finley is showing between year one and year two is pretty impressive."

You realize this is his third year, right?

His contract is up after next season, so of course he's going to want a new deal next year.

Winks said...


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