Monday, August 16, 2010

The Bucky Five: Right Where They Left Off

1. The Bad Side of Our Defense - At times last year the 3-4 defense was unstoppable, but at times it was clear that it was still a work in progress. So far this year, it's still a work in progress. The Packers first team defense let the Browns get in the end zone on their first two possessions, including one on a drive led by Seneca Wallace. I'm not one to get too concerned about things until the actual season starts, but you would like to see the first team unit look a little better before this thing starts happening for real.

2. Rodgers on a Mission - Rodgers started the game ten for ten, threw a first drive laser to Greg Jennings for a touchdown, finished with just one incompletion and had 159 yards on the day. While the defense may have picked up where they left off after their tough game against the Cardinals in the playoffs last year, Rodgers did the same just continually showing why he's already an elite starter in this league. He is a man on a mission this year, and I honestly believe he's worth a good three or four wins this season. With Rodgers we are a great team, but without him I'm not how sure how good we would be. Good to see him starting off strong.

3. The Running Battle - Ryan Grant is clearly the starter on this team, and he'll be one of the rare one-system backs in the NFL. After that, it's really a crapshoot. Brandon Jackson looked lost at times still, but should still be the second stringer. Quinn Porter and Kregg Lumpkin are then battling for a roster spot, both running about the same stats although with Lumpkin getting the touchdown. John Kuhn also had a big score on a very impressive tackle breaking run.

4. Not So Special Teams - Like that headline? First time you've heard that before I'm sure. Not a stellar night for the punt return game, especially cornerback Sam Shields who despite the Packers best efforts isn't looking too sharp on returns. By the time the season comes around, I still expect Will Blackmon to be returning any ball that comes off the foot.

5. Just the Four This Week - Again, with being up north for the weekend I only saw a bit of the game on tape delay, so we'll keep the observations brief this week. The next game is next week at 9pm against the Seattle, so I'll be able to catch the full four quarters there. Other than that, I will use this time to say that Winks Thinks should be returning this week, as we've joined up with Pocket Doppler to bring you the column once again. I never said it would be good though, but stay tuned.


BigSnakeMan said...

Looking forward to "Winks Thinks" on PD. Not worried about it being good. I write for them so obviously our standards are low.

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