Monday, August 23, 2010

Colbert on Favre

It's no secret that when I'm low on posts for the week I usually throw a video or two up on the blog to at least remind people of the fact that we still exist, and this example is no different. I did want to share with you though Stephen Colbert's take on Brett Favre returning to the NFL for his 20th season. I know that as a Wisconsin blog, Brett Favre doesn't really fall into our realm anymore, but any chance to rip on the douchebag will undoubtedly be taken. Here's Stephen:

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Brett Favre Returns to Football
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In other former Packers news, it looks like the Vikings are signing Javon Walker for some reason. With their depth at receiver, it's probably a long shot that Walker even makes the team, so it's a curious signing for that reason. It's also curious because the whole reason Walker was basically exiled out of Green Bay was because of animosity that stemmed from when Favre called him out for holding out one season. Interesting how things worked, because didn't Favre technically just hold out this offseason? Think about it. He didn't show up to camp, and when he returned to practice he got a bigger contract. Isn't that what people do when they are holding out. Man, what a blowjob Favre is.


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