Monday, August 2, 2010

From Trading Block to a Contract Extension

Corey Hart running into the right field wall at Miller Park the week before the trade deadline could be one of the most fateful moments of his career. I can't be too sure to claim that if Hart didn't get hurt for that final week he would have actually been traded, but you kind of get the feeling that might have been the case. Who knows, maybe Hart knew this and hurt himself on purpose, because all along Hart has been saying that he loves Milwaukee wanted to remain a Brewer. As of Monday, he's now got the long-term extension to do so.

As part of the new deal, Hart is to remain a Brewer through 2013, as long as he doesn't get traded at next year's deadline of course. According to Buster Olney of ESPN, Hart is scheduled to make $26.5 million in the next three seasons, a deserving payday for a guy that returned to the All-Star game this season despite not even getting the nod on Opening Day.

The question I think now is just how long Corey Hart remains in right field. He's not really known for his defensive awareness out there, and there have been speculations that he could end up replacing Prince Fielder at first base. I think that with Gamel learning to play a little more first base, right field will be Corey Hart's domain for the next three seasons, but you still never know. It does appear that we do know Hart will be here until 2013, and that's perfectly good news to me.

Update: Perhaps an extension to Weeks is in the works as well?


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