Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Get Your Popcorn Ready

That is right folks. The Milwaukee Bucks season is right around the corner, as evidenced by on Tuesday when the schedule came out. Not a shocker here, but the Bucks will be starting again on the road this season in New Orleans on October 27th, their 26th season in a row starting on the road. It won't be an easy game, but the Hornets made no off-season moves to improve this team. CP3 is not happy with what happened in the off-season, and I can't say I blame him. So I would guess he will be on the Hornets roster, but who knows.

As far as when will the Bucks be on national TV this season, they do have four nationally televised games. It's definitely more than they've had in the past, but I still think they should have had a few more. They are on all ESPN games, so they still wont be making any TNT appearances. Maybe some season they will get there chance for Chuck and the boys to talk about them. I just love TNT so I wish they could have have got one game on there. The first game on ESPN is Nov. 3rd at Boston. They also play vs. Denver on Feb. 16th, vs Boston on March 6th, and April 6th against LeBron and crew at Miami.

As far as big home games on the schedule, the Heat come to town Dec. 6th. The Lakers come early this season on Nov. 16th. The gay Hawks come to town on Dec. 27th, so that will be a game that the Bucks must win. Still not fans of them after playing them seven times in the playoffs last season. Kevin Durant and his boys will be in town early also as they play at Milwaukee on Nov. 20th. Last but not least, I guess we can nominated John Wall and the Wiz as a key game as they come to town Jan. 19th. Those are just a few home games you might want to get tickets for early if you plan on going to them.

If you have a hard time getting to games during the week, this season is for you. Milwaukee plays 18 games this season on Saturday nights, and of those 18 games 17 of them are at home. This is huge for the Bradley Center, as well as for their ticket sales. Most people find it easier to attend games on Saturday nights. Also they will sell out other key games that people when want to see the LeBron James' and Kobe Bryants of the league. This could be the best the Bucks do in the ticket office in years. Maybe since the Big Three years even.

If you would like to see the whole schedule click this link.

Also on a side note ESPN did a forecast on the East that is cool so check it out. Not only do I think the Bucks can be a threat this season, but ESPN feels the same way.


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