Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gweeds' Fantasy Draft: Rounds 5, 6

Okay, so maybe I messed up by drafting Calvin Johnson twice in this thing, so lets just remove him from the first pick in the third round. (You can check out the dual drafting my checking out the first two rounds of my mock draft here, and the third and fourth rounds here). We will move everyone else down the list one spot, so this draft will start with the final pick in round 4. I'm good with that if you are. Again, this is a mock draft featuring twelve teams in a points per reception format.

Round 4, Pick 48

Chad Ochocinco, WR, Bengals. He could have a huge year now that T.O .joined him, or his numbers could drop off because of that fact. But late in the fourth round he is a safe pick to still put up good WR2 type numbers. If he is your first WR you better have a good sleeper in mind. Chad will still get his chances as T.O. will drop a lot of his.

Round 5, Pick 49

Marion Barber, RB, Cowboys. This was a hard pick for me, because you have a lot of speedy third down backs out there. Barber on the other hand will need to get a lot of goal line carries to score, but this could happen a lot for him. Maybe this is the year the Cowboys turn up the offense and score the high number of points they seem to be capable of. I'm taking Barber over Brandon Jacobs, because Barber has a better chance of running for 100 yards in a game.

Round 5, Pick 50

Jay Cutler, QB, Bears. I hate this guy so I would never draft him, but if you're going to take him this wouldn't be a bad spot to do it. It's not too early, and you don't have to worry about anyone else taking him on you if he is on your board.

Round 5, Pick 51

Michael Crabtree, WR, 49ers. Before all the bullshit Favre news I would have put Favre or Harvin here, but since he looks to be "done" lets give Crabtree some love. He has the body to put up huge fantasy numbers, but the 49ers lack a solid QB. Still I think Crabtree should catch around 80 balls this season for the Niners.

Round 5, Pick 52

Antonio Gates, TE, Chargers. Hello first TE off the board. Why would you not take Dallas Clark as the first TE you may ask? Well let me tell you. Rivers will be missing Vincent Jackson for a couple of weeks, and Gates will be his main target all season. Gates has great hands, and runs great routes. As the Chargers lack WR's this season look for Gates to act even more like a receiver than he has in years past.

Round 5, Pick 53

Mike Sims-Walker, WR, Jaguars. He was all the Jags had last season in the receiving game, and I think it will be the same this season. He is a great option as your second WR, because he has the chance to put up WR1 stats this season. He just needs to stay out of trouble, and keep himself on the field. Might be a risk pick, but could be an awesome reward pick.

Round 5, Pick 54

Fred Jackson, RB, Bills. He loves to catch balls out of the backfield, and can also break a long run every once in awhile. People may think that C.J. Spiller is going to see a lot of time, but I don't. Also I don't see Lynch wearing a Bills jersey all season, so this could be high for most people but for me it just seems right.

Round 5, Pick 55

Dallas Clark, TE, Colts. I don't like that the Colts have so many weapons, but I do like that Manning does a great job of finding this one. His numbers might not be what they were last season, but they should be top for an TE. In PPR leagues he should get you a lot of points for the TE spot, but if your in a touchdown league you may want to hold off on him a little longer.

Round 5, Pick 56

Wes Welker, WR, Patriots. I don't know where his health is right now, but it sounds like he should be ready to play. If he plays odds are he will produce at a high level. Normally because it's a PPR league I would have put him much higher, but I just don't know where he is right now with his knee. If he plays, getting him in the fifth round would be steal.

Round 5, Pick 57

Percy Harvin, WR, Vikings. He just has so many ways he can create on the field. He can catch the ball, run the ball, and maybe even pass the ball. With Favre all but done, well for now anyway, I guess Harvin could be used in more trick situations the season. He may have up and down weeks, but in he long run he should be able to help you out more often than not in the point column.

Round 5, Pick 58

Ben Tate, RB, Texans. I guess Steve Slaton's fumble problem is going to cost him in the long run. Texans running backs always seem to have big years, as long as they can hold on to the ball. So lets hope that Tate can keep that tradition up while holding on to the ball at the same time. It might be a little high for Tate late in the fifth, but if you want him you would need to take him around the late fifth or early sixth round.

Round 5, Pick 59

Brandon Jacobs, RB, Giants. He never runs for 100 yards, but he scores touchdowns so he has the best value of any backs this late if you need another one. He has the best chance to put up bigger numbers than anyone else left on the board at this point at running back, so he's the pick.

Round 5, Pick 60

Jermichael Finley, TE, Packers. The guy is just a freak of nature, and can go up to catch any ball at any time. Not only does he catch a lot of balls, but he should score a lot of touchdowns too. At the end of last season he was Rodgers favorite target inside the ten. I know the Packers have a lot of targets, but TE's are going to start flying off the board. So snag him if you can late fifth, or early sixth.

Round 6, Pick 61

Brett Favre, QB, Vikings. I know at points of this column I've said that Favre probably won't return and at other points I said he's likely to, but that's how often the news seems to be changing with this guy. I don't believe his bullshit, I think he will be back this season to make one last run at it. I really do believe this will be the last chance he has. Also he doesn't care about anyone else so if his ankle is a little sore he will still play. I think if he comes back I have to say he could have another good year, but it is so hard to pick him personally because I don't like him.

Round 6, Pick 62

Dwayne Bowe, WR, Chiefs. I would have taken Maclin at this spot, but it sounds like he could be hurt. Keep an eye on him if he isn't hurt too badly as he could have a good year otherwise. Bowe on the other hand has to put up better numbers than last season. This team came around towards the end of the season, so maybe this will be the year Bowe puts up the numbers he should.

Round 6, Pick 63

Carnell Williams, RB, Bucs. Derrick Ward was hurt all last season and was never anything great. Williams will get all the looks, so he has a good chance of throwing up some good numbers. He is a hard runner that loves to get carries, and all you can hope is he finds the end zone.

Round 6, Pick 65

Vernon Davis, TE, 49ers. Finley and him are both keys to their teams winning, so either one of these guys would be steals. If you can hold off on Clark and Gates to get either Davis or Finley I'd do it. Davis is just a big target that runs great routes. He could have a huge season this season.

Round 6, Pick 66

Jason Witten, TE, Cowboys. No matter what, Romo will look for him when in doubt. In PPR leagues he is a great TE to keep in mind. He only had two touchdowns last season, so you have to think that number will go up. The only problem is it has been going down from the past three years. Still, I find it hard to believe he catches only two touchdowns again.

Round 6, Pick 67

Thomas Jones, RB, Chiefs. He will be behind Jamaal Charles, but should still get a good amount of touches. This team should look to run the ball, or play small ball with screens. Bowe is all they really have as a deep threat, which should set up Jones and the ability to steal some touchdowns from Charles inside the ten.

Round 6, Pick 68

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, Giants. I think the Giants might try to get him to more touches as the season goes on. He just knows how to make plays, and if he gets in the open field not too many people are going to catch him. He falls down my board though because of Jacobs stealing short touchdown runs. At this point if you have two running backs and still need a QB hold off and take a guy like Bradshaw. Still some good QB's left on the board at this point.

Round 6, Pick 69

Hakeem Nicks, WR, Giants. He is a big play guy, but I could see him becoming more a route runner this season. Since Plax has left this team they have been missing a big target. That is what Nicks can do. If he plays the whole season I see him catching balls and scoring touchdowns, and lots of them. He could help the Giants contend again in the NFC East in the process.

Round 6, Pick 70

Brent Celek, TE, Eagles. With Kolb as the new starter for the Eagles the first thing he should do is use his tight end. Finding Celek over the middle for a 5 yards here and 10 yards there will take some pressure off of him. Celek could be last years Owen Daniels, at least before Daniels was injured. He could put up sleeper numbers this season so take a chance with him late sixth round or early seventh round.

Round 6, Pick 71

Pierre Garcon, WR, Colts. He is the new Marvin Harrison, and well if I remember right Harrison always put up good numbers. He is the third target on a great passing team, so he should get a weaker DB to be faced up against. I really like what he has to work with this year, and that Manning is the one throwing him balls all season. I'd say 85 receptions this season is a good target for him this year, so don't be shocked if he does it.

Round 6, Pick 72

Donald Driver, WR, Packers. A PPR league is the only reason I would take Driver here over a few other names. He is the most proven of all the WR left on the board, so if you need a WR late in the sixth round don't be scared to take him. I know I keep saying the Packers have too many targets, but this team loves to put the ball in the air. If this is your second WR you might be in trouble, but as a third WR he could take over for your second once the season gets rolling on or if there is an injury.

I know I got delayed on this a little this week, as I did some Brewers posts for the slacking Winks and also had a little too much to drink Saturday night. This week we will be going up north, plus Madden 11 comes out Wednesday, so not sure when Rounds 7 and 8 will be up. If all goes well Sunday when we get back into town I should be able to do it between games of Madden. Hell, playing Madden might also help me figure out some 7th and 8th round sleepers. Also you should check out preseason games this weekend, because you might find a diamond in the rough on a team.


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