Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gweeds' Fantasy Draft: Rounds 7,8

Okay, so this mock draft thing is not looking good for myself. Already I've drafted Ben Tate high, and he's out for the year, and another high pick Fred Jackson is going to be a question mark for the opening week of football. So I hope no one else I pick gets hurt, but lets get started with the 7th and 8th rounds. Maybe this is where you will start to see a few sleepers that could be due for a big year.

Round 7, Pick 73

Jerome Harrison, RB, Browns. He played well at the end of last season, and looked very good against the Packers in the first pre-season game. He is not a starter for you every week, but he will be a good bye week filler. Also if you have a guy sitting a week out with an injury I wouldn't be worried if Harrison is your filler. He still seems bound for a solid year.

Round 7, Pick 74

Steve Slaton, RB, Texans. Give the guy a chance, because as you saw two years ago he can put up huge numbers. He had the fumble problem last season , but now with Tate out for the season Slaton might have luck on his side to get another chance. He might be going higher now with the injury, but keep an eye out for him. He can catch passes out of the backfield also.

Round 7, Pick 75

Joe Flacco, QB, Ravens. Could he be the Matt Schaub of last year? I think so with all the weapons he has. Boldin was a huge pick up, and Stallworth can be a deep threat. Also Ray Rice can make plays after catching balls, which will only benefit Flacco's stats. Todd Heap still has some life left in him too, so if you don't get one of the top 10 QB's early make sure you snag Flacco.

Round 7, Pick 76

Malcom Floyd, WR, Chargers. With Vincent Jackson missing some games look for Floyd to make a name for himself early, and maybe force Rivers to like him more than Jackson. The guy has a huge frame that can make big plays, but he just didn't find the end zone much last season. If he can get his touchdowns he will be a WR that is worth taking for years to come.

Round 7, Pick 77

Reggie Bush, RB, Saints. Only in PPR league is Bush a smart pick here. He does get his touches, and seems to make the best of them. At any point in time he can score a touchdown that can be huge for your team. He isn't a bad guy at the flex spot if your league has those, but don't make him a RB2, or else it could be a long year for your team.

Round 7, Pick 78

Michael Bush, RB, Raiders. Not sure what is going to go on in this backfield, but Bush seems to be the best chance of getting carries right now. He had an alright season last year, but they were forced to pass being down all the time. He is another bye week filler, but has the chance with a real QB to maybe get his yards up, and find the end zone more.

Round 7, Pick 79

Zach Miller, TE, Raiders. He might be the top receiver on this team, so why not take him in a PPR league. He seems to be the best choice as the go-to man, so if he is going to get targeted a lot it seems to be a safe pick. I know you still have a lot of other guys on the board, but Campbell loved to throw to former tight end targets Cooley and Davis, so I can't see things being different with Miller.

Round 7, Pick 80

Kevin Kolb, QB, Eagles. This pick might get questioned, but I'm not a huge Eli Manning fan, and McNabb is on a Skins team that has below par WR's. Kolb played well last season, and this team loves to air it out. McNabb threw a lot of times in games, and I don't see any change in the Eagles philosophy with Kolb under center. He has a good RB in the backfield, and solid WR core, and an up and coming TE. So he has the targets now he just has to find them. And find them he will.

Round 7, Pick 81

Robert Meachem, WR, Saints. Last season he loved the end zone, so lets hope that continues. I know the Saints have too many weapons, but the good thing is that they love to use all of them. He is a huge target which makes him a threat in the red zone. He also loves to beat people deep and score long touchdowns. Guys like Santana Moss, and T.J. Whosyourdady are still around at this point, but they seem to be a little washed up. Never bad to go with the new blood that is trying to get a big contract.

Round 7, Pick 82

Justin Forsett, RB, Seahawks. In the 7th round if you can get a starting running back it is never a bad idea. A lot of people are talking about the Hawks trading for a RB, but as it stands right now Forsett will get his carries. I don't see him as a RB1 or RB2, but if one of your guys get hurt he should be a solid back up. If you don't know who to take at that spot he wouldn't be a bad choice.

Round 7, Pick 83

T.J. Houshmandzadeh, WR, Seahwaks. This is a "Well, maybe he could put up some numbers" pick. He is not a strong pick, but if he can play like he did when he was a Bengal it would be a steal here. The Hawks were just that bad last season, so maybe this season they can turn it around a little bit. If they can get the offense going Housh could have another big season.

Round 7, Pick 84

Visanthe Shiancoe, TE, Vikings. With number 4 back this is a great pick. I hate to say it, but he had a huge season last year. I see it happening again this year. He is a big target that just makes the game easier for Brett, so why wouldn't he throw the ball to him. I know Gonzo and Daniels are still out there, but I like Shiancoe over those two.

Round 7, Pick 85

C.J. Spiller, RB, Bills. With Jackson and Lynch hurt, Spiller could begin the season as the starter. If that happens he could earn more carries as the season goes on. He scored a 31 yard touchdown in his second preseason game, so he looks NFL ready already. He can make plays in the running game, and in the passing game. I see him getting Reggie Bush like touches, but if one of those guys go down I see him taking this team on his back.

Round 8, Pick 86

Donavan McNabb, QB, Redskins. I will always pick McNabb too high for personal reasons, but one good thing about him is he puts up good numbers to get you to the playoffs. The negative is he may not be around to play when your team is in the playoffs. He is going to have to learn a new system, but if anyone can do it it has to be him. Also, maybe a change is what he needed to put him over the top.

Round 8, Pick 87

Matt Ryan, QB, Falcons. Many people will tell you to be careful with this guy, because you will either get a huge game or a bad game depending on the week. I think if he plays at home he is a for sure play, but if he is on the road you might want to think about it. Maybe this season he will learn how to play on the road as well as he does at home. He has weapons, it is just a matter of if he finds those people or not.

Round 8, Pick 88

Clinton Portis, RB, Redskins. If he can play the whole season, which I think he will, he could be a steal late. He has some help in the backfield this year, so he will still get carries but won't have to run the ball 30 times a game. Also with McNabb, the Skins should be able to throw the ball more. He is another solid RB3 to help your team fill holes for bye weeks.

Round 8, Pick 89

Santana Moss, WR, Redskins. Not sure why every year he seems to be the guy who everyone thinks is going to have a breakout season, yet he just falls flat on his face. I just see another average year for him, but he's still a solid WR3 in the 8th round. Not much out there right now for starters so if you look a little weak at WR take a chance with Santana. Who knows, maybe this is his break out year after all.

Round 8, Pick 90

Carson Palmer, QB, Bengals. He has a few more friends to throw to this year, so maybe they won't work to Cedric Benson as much this year. Not sure if Palmer is a QB1, but he does have the chance to put numbers up like one. Owens, Chad, and the rookie TE Gresham are not a bad squad to throw to. This could be the year Palmer puts up numbers like Winks thought he would in the past, only to have constantly been burned.

Round 8, Pick 91

Tony Gonzalez, TE, Falcons. Gonzo is getting old, but he is still Gonzo. He just has the perfect redzone body, so he should find the endzone plenty. The reason I have him going after eight other TE's is because I think his overall receptions will be down. In a touchdown league you might want to move Gonzo up. PPR leagues at best he is the eighth best TE.

Round 8, Pick 92

Mike Wallace, WR, Steelers. Kind of a tough pick with Big Ben missing the first six games, but Wallace has speed and good hands. With Holmes gone he will do what Holmes did last year, only I think he could be better. He is a big play threat that can get you yards and touchdowns. With a lot of questions marks around some still big name WR's on the board this seems to be the best guy left.

Round 8, Pick 93

Braylon Edwards, WR, Jets. For this I have just a few words to say. Hard Knocks, and huge beard.

Round 8, Pick 94

Devin Aromashodu, WR, Bears. We got him in our Madden franchise in our second year. We just played the Vikings, and he had a huge game. Other then when he plays the Packers I see this guy having a huge season. Also I kind of hope he has a good season, because I see myself trying to get him on my team, and not just my Madden team.

Round 8, Pick 95

Ricky Williams, RB, Dolphins. Never a bad pick, because Ronnie Brown could get hurt at any time. This team loves to run the football, so even with another solid back there Williams can put up numbers. Williams will get touches, and it won't take a Brown injury for him to have value.

Round 8, Pick 96

Arian Foster, RB, Texans. I don't know who is going to start, but either way both Foster and Slaton will get carries. I like Slaton a lot, but if he fumbles he will get benched real quick. That is what will open the door for Foster to be a steal late in any draft. If you get a few solid backs early, and want to stack up on some this would be your guy.


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