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Gweeds' Fantasy Draft: Rounds 9,10

In a fantasy draft, rounds nine and ten are what will make or break your draft. Also you will start to see some defenses go off the board, so who will be the first one taken? Well lets check out the 9th and 10th rounds of this mock draft.

Round 9, Pick 97

Jeremy Maclin, WR, Eagles. With Jackson as the deep threat Maclin seems to be more of the route runner. He should be a huge target for Kolb, so in PPR leagues this might even be a little late for him. Most of the guys left seem to be guys that like to catch fewer balls, but can gain a lot of yards in those few catches. Still, Maclin should be able to catch 85-90 balls if he plays all 16 games.

Round 9, Pick 98

Eli Manning, QB, Giants. I just don't know about Eli after that huge hit he took in preseason. He already seems to be a little soft in the pocket, and I don't think this will help. He has weapons to get the ball to, but he just has awful games sometimes. He also sometimes gets in the INT mood which doesn't help your team out much. If you get him as a backup you should be solid.

Round 9, Pick 99

Dez Bryant, WR, Cowboys. He is a big man like Owens, now if he can just take care of his off the field problems we might have something here. He worries me, because he is the type of person that could get suspended for doing something stupid. If he plays, he worries me that I won't have the balls to take him.

Round 9, Pick 100

Owen Daniels, TE, Texans. If you waited to take your TE till now you may have gotten a steal. If his knee can hold up, as it did for the first half of last year, he can be awesome. He just seems to work the center of the field so well, and Schaub just loves to find him. So if you don't get one of the top 5 TE's you might want to hold off for Daniels.

Round 9, Pick 1o1

Kenny Britt, WR, Titans. This is his time to shine as he will have the same QB for the whole season this year. Britt was supposed to be the big man last season, but CJ took that role for this team. I don't see him putting up real huge numbers, but he should be a good WR3 or WR4 for your team.

Round 9, Pick 102

Donald Brown, RB, Colts. With Addai as the starter who is a little banged up, look for Brown to take advantage. He is the running back of the future for the Colts, and this could be the future season. He will slowly steal touches from Addai, and could take his spot if he plays like he did last season. I know this is a risk pick if Addai plays well all season, but if it works out for you this could be a great pick.

Round 9, Pick 103

Darren McFadden, RB, Raiders. He might play more of a Reggie Bush role this season. He is not a 25 carries a game back. They should just try to get him a few targets via the passing game, and about eight carries a games. In those chances he should be able to make something happen for you to fill bye weeks at least.

Round 9, Pick 104

Thomas Jones, RB, Chiefs. Charles had a great year last season, but he is a little guy that could give carries up to Jones. Charles seems to be more of a screen back, and a toss back. Jones is a power back that might get looks at the goal line. This is another back that at this point in the draft is worth a try, because he still has a lot left in the tank.

Round 9, Pick 105

Vincent Jackson, WR, Chargers. He will play this season after he misses the first three weeks. Not sure if he will be playing with the Chargers or not, but he will play. He is too good to not take a chance on, because when he does play he will put up numbers. His frame is too good for him to not play in the NFL. Only missing three games he still has time to put up good numbers for your team.

Round 9, Pick 106

LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, Jets. Last year he was a first round pick this year he is a RB3, or RB4. You have to think he still has something left in the tank, and maybe being a back up will help him more. Take the weight of all the carries off his back, and he might be a good pick for your team. Also Greene will know that if he makes a mistake he has an all pro running back right behind him.

Round 9, Pick 107

Steve Breaston, WR, Cardinals. I don't like the QB situation going on here, but if they do find one that can play Breaston should be a good late pick. He will take over for what Boldin had to work with, but Breaston has more speed. Fitz will get double teamed so Breaston could have a field day on the other side. Cardinals, please get a real QB so I can comfortably draft Breaston.

Round 9, Pick 108

N.Y. Jets Defense. Revis has not signed yet, but this team still has a good defense. This is about the time a defense will find itself being taken off the board. It is always hard if you are the first one to take a D, or if you wait till later. If you think you have a strong team take a shot with the Jets. Defense is a position that if they score a bunch of points they can win you the week on their own, so don't be scared of the Jets if you get the chance to pull the trigger.

Round 9, Pick 109

Derrick Mason, WR, Ravens. Mason just seems to put up solid numbers every season, so I try to get him on my team. I like this team this season, so they should put up some numbers on offense and even defense. He just seems to catch a lot of balls, but his touchdown totals are never really high. Maybe with Boldin on the field Mason will find the end zone more.

Round 10, Pick 110

Lee Evans, WR, Bills. Loves the deep ball, but doesn't love to catch a lot of balls in a game. He will always drop in our PPR league, but if you do take him he always seems to get started towards the end of the season. He is a guy you should not reach for, but if you need a WR3, and you feel that he is the best guy on the board, take him here

Round 10, Pick 111

Johnny Knox, WR, Bears. As much as I hate this Bears team this season these WR should be busy. I don't see this team being that good, but I do see them throwing the ball a lot. So Knox could be a huge garbage touchdown guy, and if he gets one earlier in the game it would just be a bonus. Maybe the Bears will put up a lot of points, but give up more and suck that way. Either way, they will suck. Johnny Knox will be the exception.

Round 10, Pick 112

Kellen Winslow, TE, Bucs. With Freeman running the show he should look to find Winslow the most. He is a huge target that loves to work the center of the field. If he can play all season long for a PPR league he could be a major sleeper. If you take a chance and wait on the TE spot Winslow would be the man you should take a chance with.

Round 10, Pick 113

Alex Smith, QB, 49ers. Is this the year the Niners do some work in the West? Well, in order for that to be true Smith will have to have a good year. He has good targets, so all he has to do is get them the ball. Also he can use Gore out of the backfield so he could be a great back up QB for you team. If he doesn't do it this season I think we have to give up on him.

Round 10, Pick 114

Terrell Owens, WR, Bengals. I really don't know what to say here other than he always seems to put up numbers. I have never taken him myself, but if he is around this late he might be a guy to take a chance on. TO and Chad together will either be great, or just really bad.

Round 10, Pick 115

Montario Hardesty, RB, Browns. I guess this guy might start over Harrison, so if that is true any starting running back in the 10th round is a great pick. Other than that I can't tell you anything else about this guy. Writing this is the first I've even heard of him.

Round 10, Pick 116

Eddie Royal, WR, Broncos. This team lacks a threat at WR, but Royal is your best choice. If you are in a league were returns count he should really be a solid pick here. He seems to be a little up and down at times but is a solid pick as a WR3 or WR4. He should be able to improve on last year stats.

Round 10, Pick 117

Santonio Holmes, WR. Jets. Hard Knocks is awesome, so any Jets pick is worth it.

Round 10, Pick 118

Ravens, Def. Can anyone say Super Bowl vs the Packers? That's what I'm thinking, and that is why I like this defense.

Round 10, Pick 119

Laurence Maroney, RB, Pats. I love this guy because he is a work horse. The only problem with him is he seems to never play a full season. In the 10th round you can take a chance here on a guy that can put up good numbers, but might not play much. If he does play look for your team to do some things. If he doesn't play pray you took two good backs in front of him.

Round 10, Pick 120

Vince Young, QB, Titans. Vince Young is a STD. No, no, no not that kind. I mean this guy is a stud. (Winks edit: (speechless)). He can play, and I really like him as a QB where you wait till late to take him as your starter. He can run, he can pass, and he can make plays. If you don't get Rodgers, Manning, or Brees WAIT FOR YOUNG. I want to be forever Young, forever Young.

Round 10, Pick 121

Chirs Cooley, TE, Skins. McNabb, that is all I have to say. Look what he did a few years ago when Campbell found him. What do you think he will do with a real QB that loves to play this game (Winks edit: Don't you be trashing on my boy J.C.). All you people that hate McNabb can keep hating, but I will smoke your ass when I draft him or even the people that he throws to.

Round 10, Pick 122

Mohamed Massaquoi, WR, Browns. Love this guy, but I just don't love Jake Delhomme. If Jake "The Snake" is throwing like he can this is a sleeper pick. If Jake blows up and sucks well this is a guy that will sit on your bench all year, and you will be FML In the 1oth round this is the chance you take to win a title.

So those are my first ten rounds, hopefully it threw the eleven other guys in my league of my scent of who I'm actually planning to take. Winks will have a review of that draft sometime this week, and I'll be posted late round sleepers sometime this week as well.


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