Monday, August 2, 2010

Last Night on Entourage...

The guys where at a party with their new friend Scott. Vince is chatting with a porn star who appears to be the coolest girl that has ever lived. Except for the fact she has been in porn. Also, she makes penis pancakes. Drama gets screwed out of a show with John Stamos because Bob Saget is wanted for the part instead. Turtle tries to convince Vince to be the cover boy for some tequila even though Turtle was angry about the offer last week. Vince really likes the tequila. Ari puts the potential NFL team on the backburner to recruit clients that may be leaving him for the girl he let go at the office. Cameos from Stan Lee, Mike Tyson, Jessica Simpson, and Aaron Sorkin. E and Sloan try to have anal sex. All this, and I actually enjoyed this episode. Who knew.


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