Friday, August 20, 2010

Short Man Coming....

Nod your head, short man coming, as Earl Boykins will be back in a Bucks uniform this season. It should be the final piece to the puzzle for this team, as their roster is now complete. You have to have a third PG in case one of yours goes down for awhile. I can't think of anyone better than Boykins. He really plays hard, and knows the game inside and out. He also has put a Bucks uniform on before, so this won't be his first rodeo. Every time I type about the the Bucks I just get more excited. The NBA used to just be another sports season, but this one I have a good feeling about.

Boykins, an 11 year veteran, is really looking for a team that he can help put in position to win a title. I can't think of a better team than the Bucks right now for him to have joined. This team is going to be a sleeper this season, and no one knows it but The Bucky Channel. Boykins thinks he has one year left, so unless he will fakes his retirement for the next six seasons like some douchebag I know until he wins the title. So since we don't want to see that bullshit again all the Bucks can do is win it all. It is all in the Bucks hands right now, lets hope they can pull through.

Sounds like Boykins is looking at a 1 year deal for around 1.3 million. Last year he played in 42 games for the Wizards, and put up 7.5 points per game. Another solid move by the Bucks, and for more info click this link.


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