Sunday, August 15, 2010

So, How'd the Brewers Do This Weekend?

As previously mentioned, this weekend was the first in a long time where I went without phone and internet, which also meant that I went four days without any news or knowledge of the Milwaukee Brewers. So after a full weekend without the technology that I base my current live around, how would I respond once I arrived back home? I definitely ran right back to my laptop the moment I re-entered my apartment, and then the instant downloading of information that I missed had begun.

In two short hours, I browsed as much information as I could to try to check up on everything that I had not seen during the weekend. The first few things were the obvious ones - e-mail, fantasy baseball stats, and then my bank account to see how much money I blew (there was a casino near the cabin where we stayed). And then I checked out the Milwaukee Brewers box scores over the weekend? Well, not yet.

My next order was business was to soak in as much information I could about the Packers game, I browsed the blogs, checked out some highlights, read the reactions. From there, I checked out some more video of NFL games throughout the weekend. I read that Torry Holt was put on the IR. I saw that Glen Coffee retired for some reason. And then I check out the Brewers box scores? Well, not yet.

For many at this point, I did the unthinkable. I looked up soccer scores from the weekend, and watched some MLS highlights. I did a real brief checking of things in the wrestling world, and then I did the usual Facebook stalking. And then I finally remembered that the Brewers played a few games over the weekend, and checked out the box scores.

Actually, I haven't even checked them out yet. I know I have all of the box score links to each of them open in my Google Chrome, but I still haven't looked at them. I'm not going out of my way to try and brag here about how little interest I have in the Brewers right now, I'm almost more or less disappointed that the Brewers aren't in a position where they are must see TV right now. It's not a bandwagon type scenario, it's just more or less as a sports fan I am interested in a lot of different teams and I'm not going to waste a good chunk of that time following a team that hasn't been able to get back to .500 since the start of the season. I love the Brewers, you know I do, but right now they are nowhere close to top priority. That being said, here are the POTG's for the weekend (just let me look over the box scores quick).

Thursday - Milwaukee 8, Arizona 4
POTG: Casey McGehee

Friday - Colorado 5, Milwaukee 4
POTG: Johnathan Lucroy

Saturday - Milwaukee 5, Colorado 4 (F/10)
POTG: Casey McGehee

Sunday - Colorado 6, Milwaukee 5
POTG: Rickie Weeks


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