Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bucks Sign Second Round Pick

I would be excited too if an NBA team signed me to a contract, and clearly Darington Hobson is pumped as he was signed by the Bucks Friday. You're just hearing about it now from us though because Winks was too lazy to post this sooner. No terms of the contract have been released yet, but he will be on this team. He is a 6-7 guard from New Mexico, and was selected by the Bucks with the 37th overall pick.

I like that the Bucks are going after these big guards. CDR is another guy we have that is big, and can play the PG/SG/SF positions. It just gives you something extra if you have a man go down. That was the story for the Bucks last season, as people would get hurt and it was hard to replace them. I really think they have solved that problem this year, unless the whole team somehow goes down.

Hobson should not see much time this season, but down the road who knows, he could be the next big thing in Milwaukee. He put up good numbers in college, but he does have some groin problems which is why he may have slipped in the draft. If he can stay healthy, and put up some numbers in the NBDL, the Bucks might have found that diamond in the rough.


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