Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Bucky Five: Badgers (Mostly) Dominate in Win

1. Overcoming Adversity - Ever since the Badgers nearly lost to Cal-Poly in 2008, and hell, even before then, Badgers fans have always been a bit uneasy when facing nonconference teams that we should easily beat. We've won our last 25 regular season games against these opponents, but they don't come easy. This was was looking to be another one of those challenges as the Badgers only led UNLV by three at the half, thanks to a couple of key defensive plays by the Rebels, and despite the fact that UNLV had just twelve yards of total offense at that point. But despite the strong defensive effort from their opponent, the Badgers overcame what they called their first test of adversity of the season, and took down UNLV 41-21.

2. The Badger Way - Just how exactly did the Badgers pull away for the victory? They did exactly what the Badgers do best, and that is run the football. John Clay lead the way with 123 yards on 17 carries for two scores, and my boy Montee Ball backed him up nicely with 79 yards and two touchdowns of his own. Speaking of Badger running backs, did you know that Booker Stanley is currently playing college ball at Whitewater? And he's 27?

3. Defense Stepping Up - After heading into the locker room at halftime up just three points, the Badgers defense had a bit of a chip on their shoulder. They hadn't given up any touchdowns, but yet the scoreboard read 14 for UNLV. Their response? A touchdown of their own to open up the third quarter, as Aaron Henry picked up and returned a fumble 21 yards for the score.

4. Not Doing Themselves Any Favors - When you're watching a game late Saturday night and you decide to do shots for every Badgers touchdown, you're not going to remember a lot about the game the next day. But I could have drank every bottle in the bar and still remembered how dumb it was for them to once go for it on fourth down from inside their own 20. I know that they were big underdogs in this game, but the Rebels were playing close at that point. Why not save that risk stuff for when you need it? It's not like it was a fourth-and-2 either, I believe the distance was more than ten yards. Again, a bit drunk to remember the specifics, but stupid enough of a play to remember that hit happened. And does UNLV not have some of the ugliest jerseys in college football?

5. Turn it Down a Bit, Please? - I know that Fond du Lac isn't the best place on earth if you're looking for something to do, but I never knew until last night that if you want to watch a Badgers game on a Saturday night, you better be prepared to hear Lady Gaga while you watch. I don't think there was a single bar in town that played the audio of the game for more than the first half, and I'm surprised we even found one that did that. The favorite establishment we go to advertises themselves as a sports bar, yet they had a DJ on Saturday night that tried to start getting his show on the road in the middle of the first quarter. Thankfully, he waited until halftime, but he never quit and our soundtrack for the second half of the game was the latest dance jams of 2010. One of the other nearby bars did play the game audio for most of the night, but interjected with music at the commercials. The Badgers play this late on Saturday nights once every like four years, can't the bars give up blasting music for one night?


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