Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Bucky Five: Not Overly Impressive, But Good Enough

1. Sloppy, But Victorious - The defending champion Alabama Crimson Tide opened their season with a 48-3 victory against San Jose State, so it would be a good measuring stick for the Badgers to see how they could face against the common opponent. Wisconsin didn't do quite as well as Alabama did, only managing to beat San Jose State 27-14. The Badgers could have easily ended up winning this game by 40 plus points as well, but turnovers got in the way on this Saturday. Scott Tolzien fumbled a couple of times, losing one, and he also threw an interception. Overall, Tolzien had a decent day, it's just that those turnovers stopped this game from being more of a blowout. If you're going to contend for a national title as we blindly think the Badgers can, you have to beat these kind of teams by more than thirteen points when you have them at home.

2. Another Big Day for John Clay - The announcers said during the game that the Badgers need to realize just what kind of team they are, and that is a team that is a John Clay first, John Clay second kind of squad. The offense clearly runs through this guy, and why not? Clay is a Heisman hopeful, and he delivered with another two touchdown performance. He chugged out 137 yards on the day, including a game long scamper for forty yards.

3. Defensive Struggles - When this Badgers team holds their opponent to fourteen points, they are likely going to win every time. But the fourteen points they did allow on Saturday weren't very deserving. Their first touchdown was a 37-yard reception by Jordan La Selca, although although the Spartan receiver really had to do was run in a straight line because there was no chance any Badger was going to tackle him on the play. Every Badger defender that went for him seemed to slide right off of him like one of those plays in Madden where the running back breaks through five tackles at the line of scrimmage before busting one for 80 plus yards. The other touchdown was more or less in garbage time, but the game was still close enough that San Jose State and their Nick Notle in Blue Chips lookalike coach thought they had a chance to win. Again, I'm pleased that the Badgers won, just would have liked to see them run up the score a little bit.

4. THE Lance Kendricks - Sadly, the reason I call him this stems from a wrestling reference (a guy named Brian Kendrick called himself THE Brian Kendrick, riveting, I know), but I still love the guy regardless. Plus, he's a stud. He caught a touchdown pass on Saturday and had 60 yards receiving, so this is my way of giving him props.

5. On the Horizon - Next up is a Saturday afternoon matinee against the Arizona State Sun Devils on ABC a week from now, a home game that should still be a bit challenging but ultimately there's no way the Badgers should lose this game. ASU started out hot in their first game beating Portland State 54-9, but as of this posting they are trailing Northern Arizona by eleven points in the second quarter. Hopefully the Badgers take care of business that day and then the week after against Austin Peay, and then head into Big Ten play undefeated when they take on Michigan State.


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