Sunday, September 12, 2010

Five Other Thoughts From Week One

1. Yeah, it's a dumb rule. It's the dumbest rule the league probably has right now. You're telling me when a quarterback dives into the end zone all he has to do is get a slight piece of the ball over the end line, but when a receiver catches the ball he has to complete the catch all the way to the ground? So that means that having possession as well as having your ass and your knee touch the ground aren't enough? This is a rule that needs to get changed immediately, because it definitely cost Calvin Johnson and the Lions a victory in Chicago on Sunday. I wasn't rooting for either team in this case, but the Lions deserved to win that game if not for that play alone. Sometimes I think in cases like this the NFL doesn't mind the controversy because hey, any press is good press right? Terrible play.

2. Learned a lot of things about a couple of teams today. The Patriots are not to be counted out. Houston looks like they are on a mission. And I don't think Seattle is that good, I think that game was more a case of how bad San Francisco really is. That Niners team isn't going anywhere until they get a capable quarterback.

3. Speaking of Houston, how many of you got Fostered on Sunday in your fantasy league? As in, Arian Foster? The Texans running back had three touchdowns on 231 yards rushing and if you had him on your team and still lost the week, then you probably suck at drafting. The problem that usually hurts the Texans when they are facing the Colts is the mistakes made on offense, especially from Matt Schaub. What better way to mask that problem then to have your running back go off for 231. A lot of people think that the Texans will finally make the playoffs this season, consider me one of those people.

4. Part of this is just me bragging that I have NFL Red Zone this season, but Holy Buckets were there a lot of penalties called in this week one. The first week is always a tough one, as teams are still not in full game shape and there is still a lot of rust on the players. The fact that there were so many injuries and penalties in the opening week are a good enough reminder to me that we don't need an extra two of these things. Sixteen games for a regular season is perfect, let's not change that Goodell.

5. All this players unifying before the game stuff as a sign of togetherness for the upcoming players strike needs to stop. It's cool that they are all on the same page with this, but their gesture is more of a painful reminder that there is a very real chance that we may not have football next season. Let's just enjoy this year, and then worry about 2011.


Anonymous said...

I got Fostered on Sunday. Damn it.

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