Thursday, September 9, 2010

How Bad is Your Team?

Yesterday, we looked at some of the guys you may have drafted in fantasy that will make your team a contender this season. Today, we're going to look at some of the guys who will make your team similar to Winks - and that is perennially out of the playoffs. Actually, I had written this all as one post, but Winks wanted to separate this into two different postings to make it look like we're posting more than we actually are. Good to see that he's finally using that communications degree of his. Douche. Anyway, on to some of the guys that will make your fantasy team a loser.


Philip Rivers, Chargers. He is an awesome QB, but it just seems that he has lost a lot of his targets. I'm not sold 100% on Ryan Matthews, and Malcom Floyd as your top receiver seems a little odd to me. Gates will have to carry this team, although he seems to be able to handle that. I just don't know if these other guys will step up their game. It just seems like a real risky pick to me more than a bad pick.

Jay Cutler, Bears. Here's another guy that just scares me everytime I think about drafting him. Johnny Knox is his number one guy, and after that he's throwing to a kick returner. So who knows what this team will do. They just seem like a bad play at every position, so they were the number one team that I avoided drafting from. Any other team was open play, and no this has nothing to do with me being a Packer fan. I just think the Bears suck.


C.J. Spiller, Bills. Loved him in college, loved him on draft day, and he looked awesome in pre-season. The only problem I have with him is he has two backs behind him if he makes one mistake. Being young you have to play every game perfect, or else you will lose your spot to someone else. That is my biggest fear with Spiller. As of now he is going into week one as the main back, but Fred Jackson seems to be healthy as of now. I'm not worried about Spiller himself just worried about him getting lost in the shuffle sometimes.

Beanie Wells, Cardinals. For the same reason as Spiller. Tim Hightower is still on this team, and they don't have a QB that scares anyone. So my guess is teams will stack the line against the Cardnials, which could also make it harder for Wells to do what he did last year. You put Kurt Warner in a 4 WR set with Wells in the backfield, and Wells runs all day. Derek Anderson in a 4 WR set with Wells in the backfield, and Wells gets shut down real fast.


Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals. Nothing against him, but everything against the guy throwing him the ball. It could be a long year for Fitz and the Arizona offense. If you didn't reach to get Larry then I would say your alright, but if he was a guy you targeted early, and took a chance with him early that might come back to hurt you. It will be a challenge for him this season to put up numbers like he has in the past.

Anquan Boldin, Ravens. Well, first he is missing the guy above him right now in Fitzgerald, and second the Ravens seem to have a lot of weapons now with the signing of Housh. I still like Boldin, but his targets might be down with Mason, Heap, and Rice already in the picture and now with T.J. joining the team. It is almost like having a Packers WR this year. There just seems to be too many options to get them all the ball every game. He will have huge games, but don't be shocked to see some dull games from him.


Greg Olsen, Bears. I really love the TE spot this year. I think you have a lot of guys that will put up big numbers for you. So my Olsen pick just goes back to staying away from Bears. He had a good season last year, but did have some games where he did nothing. He was not a threat all the time, which at this spot you have to be in order for your fantasy team to be good. You want guys that will at least catch a few balls every game. Olsen just seems like the guy that can go a game without catching a ball, which makes it hard for you to win when you are playing a man down.


The first kicker taken in the draft that isn't taken in the last round would be the pick here. This is a position that is impossible to pick a player you know will be good. So don't be upset with who your kicker is, it will be okay. As long as he kicks all season.


New England Patriots. This is a team you always hear about how they should be alright at D this season. However, I really feel that they will give up a lot of points this season. As bad as the Jets offense looked this preseason and as much as the Bills are a question mark on offense, I'm still not comfortable with New England facing these teams. Plus, the Fins always seem to score a lot against the Pats. It could be a long year for this defense, so I hope if you drafted them you have a back up plan.

Those are a few guys to watch/not watch. Either way if Jesus drafted your team it should be a good year for you, calling back to my picture from yesterday. Again, that makes more sense if douche Winks didn't split the posts. I guess it should be no surprise that he's starting drunk Cutler this weekend. Good luck to all team owners, and if you have a bunch of the guys I said weren't risks I'm sure you will bring home the trophy.

Just hours from kickoff, let the games begin.


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