Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How Good is Your Team?

Some people may feel this way about their fantasy football team, but you really won't be able to tell until about mid-season whether you have a good team or whether you don't. But after the draft, you do know what team has a core of guys that should step it up, and you do know a team that has a group of guys that will have to play out of their mind to be worth the pick made. After doing four drafts I have a list of guys that I think will have big seasons this year, and I have a list of guys that may have been taken to early in your draft.

Here are some players you should be thankful you got in your draft in the later rounds.


Joe Flacco, Ravens. He has all the weapons to put up crazy numbers this season for your team. He has three great WR's, a solid TE, and a top four running back in the league. After your top 4 QB's in the league I could see Flacco being number 5 after this season. So if you were able to hold off on QB to get him, that was a great move for your team.

Vince Young, Titans. I know you might be asking yourself, how can Gweeds explain this one?Well I'm a salesman, kind of, so I can talk myself out of any situation. He has the top back in the league that he can dump a pass off to for him to take to the house at anytime. He has his own two feet that can put up good yards on the ground at any point in time. He still has an arm, and yes it is not that great, but he just always seems to makes plays. In a league where it's tough for quarterbacks to score based on yardage and in leagues where you get only four points for a QB touchdown, waiting for Young will pay off for you. Write that down.

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers. He will only miss four games this season, well unless he gets injured or another girl steps forward. He has always been a solid QB, and if you take a chance with a guy like Matt Ryan, Kevin Kolb, Or McNabb it would be nice to have Big Ben as a back up. I like all those guys I just brought up, but they are a little bit of a risk. Ben should be able to play solidly when he returns, and he'll make your team stronger for a late run at the title.


Leon Washington, Seahawks. I see him getting the most touches for the Seahawks in week one, and then that happening for the rest of the season. The team overall is not good, but Washington always seems to get good stats. He also will be doing kick returns, so if those count in your league that is just a bonus. Some leagues he may still be out there to pick up, so if he is keep a close eye on him, he will be off the waiver wire soon.

Jerome Harrison, Brown. This one is a "no pressure, and no one to take touches from him" sort of selection. I'm not sure if this is the season, but this team will turn it around. Harrison is a big back that can run and catch balls. He may not put up MVP type numbers, but if you need a solid backup or maybe a guy to fill an injury spot he was a solid pick for you.

Clinton Portis, Redskins. He has QB now where they can't just stack the line against him. He should still have some gas left in the tank, and I hope he has a great season. I got him in two of my leagues late. If he can stay healthy your looking at 1,300 yard season maybe. As long as your not relying on him to win you your season this could be a great pick for you to fill in for bye weeks. Maybe in week 6 or 7 he will earn a starting spot on your team.


Pierre Garcon, Colts. Reggie Wayne will do his thing, but Garcon is faster and younger so he might be in line for a huge season. Manning loves to work the ball around, but Wayne will get the number one corner back which leaves Garcon to just do work. Also he just seems like that awesome dome WR that gets faster when they play at home. I love this pick this season, and if you get some top RB's and waited to take Garcon as your wideout I say good work to you.

Roddy White, Falcons. Seems to me he feel in almost every league I was in, but he would get taken right before he got to me. I think Matt Ryan should have a better year this season, and he just loves to throw the ball to White. If you were the guy in all my leagues that took him right before me I congratulate you for you pick. I could see him being the third best WR this season in fantasy. Maybe even the second behind Andre Johnson.

Terrell Owens, Bengals. He just seems to run his mouth all the time, but in the end he always has a solid season, and least when he's not with Buffalo. I never really liked the guy, but everytime I seem to play him he has a huge game. With Ocho next to him he could be in for a big year. Maybe Palmer can play like he did pre-ACL injury, and this team could be a fantasy power house team again. T.O. in the 10th round or later was a steal for you either way.


Zach Miller, Raiders. He some how caught 66 balls with a blind man at QB, so the sky is the limit for him now. So I know Campbell isn't a huge step up, but you have to figure 75-80 balls is not out of the question here. Will he find the endzone is the huge question, but he should get targeted a lot. He had three touchdowns last season, so you have to think he can double that number this season with a QB update.

Kellen Winslow, Bucs. He had 77 catches last season, and I see that happening again this season. He is a huge body that can beat most Linebackers over the middle. Also with Josh Freeman not having a strong deep ball arm he loves to target Winslow. Take out Gates, Finley, and Davis these would be my next two best TE's. If you were able to hold off till later to get one it should pay off well for you.


Sebastian Janikowski, Raiders. This is a crap shoot every year, so I don't know how I can say he is a value pick. The only thing I do like is Campbell being the man moving the ball, but failing to score touchdowns on drives. SeBass has a huge leg which always makes him a good pick, because odds are he will have the most 50 yard field goals. This isn't a real steal, but I just pray you didn't take your kicker before the last round. If you did you must know something I don't know about a team this season.


San Francisco 49ers. This is another category that can be a crapshoot, but if you go by schedule you have to take these guys for sure. They play in the weak NFC West, so that is six good starts right there. Like I said this is not a for sure pick, but if you were able to get them after like six other teams were taken you will be happy with your pick.

Those are the picks that I like a lot. This doesn't mean you can start asking for the trophy from your league commish, but you should be able to have solid season if you were able to snag a few of these guys. Tomorrow, I'll go through some of the guys I think were taken a little too high. Here's a hint - I basically looked at the team Winks drafted and went from there.


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