Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Happy Boise State Beat Virginia Tech

A bit off-topic here, but I just wanted to say how glad I am that Boise State beat Virginia Tech on Monday night in the already biggest game of the young college football season. Nothing against Virginia Tech here, but this is more of an all out of defense for Boise State. I know that the Broncos play in an inferior conference so to speak, but they have proven year after year that they can hang with the big boys every time they've been given the chance.

The rough part is, they are rarely given the chance. Last year Boise State made a BCS bowl but they were forced to play another mid-major team in TCU. People complain that they have a week non-conference schedule, but that's only because teams of major conferences don't want to play them, especially if the game was to be in Boise State. Monday's win over the Hokies proved just exactly why that is, especially because the victory was in a neutral setting, although it was a hell of a lot closer to Va. Tech than it was Idaho.

Still, Boise State started things off hot when they went up 17 points in the first quarter. At that point, this game looked like it was going to be a blowout. Virginia Tech would come back, but that only set up a fourth quarter comeback led by Kellen Moore and the Bronco offense. I just like that the Broncos won because if they hadn't, all of sports radio this week would have talked about how Boise State has been overrated this whole time. I am on the side where I don't think they are getting enough credit, so this win was a positive for me.

I do realize that this could set up disaster for the home team Wisconsin Badgers down the road, if the Badgers were to really go for it and actually go undefeated. At this point, we have to assume Boise State is going to go undefeated because of a weak conference schedule, and if they do that they're headed to the national championship game basically for sure. That leaves one other team. Alabama or Florida will go undefeated, depending who wins the SEC. Ohio State could go undefeated if they don't beat the Badgers. Texas or maybe Oklahoma could do it as well.

Either way, it's clear that this Boise State game already had huge implications on the national title race, and we're only in week one. I guess that's one argument for not having a playoff system, because it's as if every week can be viewed of as just another knockout round. Already, we see that Boise State is advancing and that Virginia Tech is done. But that's not what I want. I, like everyone else that loves sports, wants to see a playoff. And that's the reason I want Boise State to succeed. The more they succeed, the more the whole system becomes a mess. And if we can get a situation where Boise State is going to make a national title game against a team like Alabama, while an undefeated team like Ohio State/Wisconsin/Florida/Texas/Oklahoma is left on the outside looking in, you can beat we'll be getting our wisher sooner rather than later.


Kyle Lobner said...

You alluded to it, but I think Virginia Tech also deserves a lot of credit for taking this game.

They could've spent the entire non-conference season at home playing FCS schools like Furman, James Madison and William & Mary (they've played all three of those since 2007). They would've won all three games 56-0 and risked nothing.

Instead, they took a chance and played Boise, and they're coming out worse off for it. They deserve some credit for taking the risk.

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